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25th Birthday Fun

Hello Everyone, Woot woot! Just turned 25 on July 7th!  (Cancers unite!) I really wanted to do something special for turning 25 and my original plan was to go down to MAGIC MOUNTAIN in L.A with some friends, however many of them are not fans of theme parks, rollercoasters and taking a day off to... Continue Reading →

Final Pieces = Stress like a Mother!

Ello there everyone!I know! I'm writing again! It's crazy! Maybe the world is coming to an end. :/Just keeping you all up to date on whats going on with my Senior Film! And its ALMOST DONE!!!! yes!!!! However, it has been a stressful ride in Post. I mean nothing really bad actually happened, it was... Continue Reading →

2nd Day of Shooting 18 Cupcakes

Ello everyone! Guess what! I'm shooting tomorrow!!!!! yay! Well this is a 2nd day of my shooting. But let me tell yea how my first day of shooting was. It was amazing!  We had shot at this beautiful dance studio in San Francisco which just so happened to be right next to my school. It... Continue Reading →


Ello everyone!Hows it been! I know it must have been extremely hard to want to know what has been going on with my senior film 18 CUPCAKES!  Well I am pleased to tell you that I am shooting my very first scene tomorrow or well technically today and I'm super excited!I know I wished I... Continue Reading →

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