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Want to know what the Unicorn Drink taste like? Come check out my blog and find out!

Beaches are the Best

Ello everyone! Hope all is well in your life.  This past Sunday, I was invited onto a hiking trail which was really a beach hiking adventure.  Being by the ocean in the early morning was quite beautiful and such a therapeutic experience.  I went to Wilder Ranch State Park with my friends Jenni and Bijan. It... Continue Reading →

What to do in Yosemite

Ello! Well, I took a small family trip this past week to YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK!!! It was fantastic and there were so many beautiful views of Yosemite. The fun part of it all was there were tons of stuff to do at the park, that I felt like you needed several days just to get to... Continue Reading →

25th Birthday Fun

Hello Everyone, Woot woot! Just turned 25 on July 7th!  (Cancers unite!) I really wanted to do something special for turning 25 and my original plan was to go down to MAGIC MOUNTAIN in L.A with some friends, however many of them are not fans of theme parks, rollercoasters and taking a day off to... Continue Reading →

Camping: First Timer

Have you ever been camping? Well I haven't until a few weeks ago with my cousins. Thank God they know what to do. Come check out my blog post about my first camping trip.

Creative Awards Show

Ello everyone! Hows it going?! I know I still sort of suck at the blogging but since I left you guys with a cliff hanger about the Creative Awards in my last blog I just had to share what happen. NO I did not win the award in the Student/College category, however; I still felt... Continue Reading →

Vans Warp Tour 2014

Ello loves! How many of you went to warp tour? ... Okay how many of you went to warp tour when you were in Jr. High or High school? There we go! Well I went to Warp Tour on June 21st for the first time only because WE THE KINGS were going to be there.... Continue Reading →

A World War 2 Flashback

Ello everyone! I know again and again and again... I suck at blogging. It's one of many issues that I have. Anywho! In March, I was on set for a world war 2 films for a friend of mine. AND OMG!!! Can you say a shit ton of mud, explosions, gunfire and did I say... Continue Reading →

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