18 Cupcakes is a Finalist!

Ello Everyone and Happy 2015 so far! ๐Ÿ˜€

I have some awesome news….. 18 CUPCAKES is a finalist in the 2014 CreaTive Awards!

I heard about this Awards gala through an email fromย BAWIF, saying that my film would be great in this awards gala and I should seriously look into submitting. ย So I checked it out and it has all these different categories that I can submit too but the one I was particular to submit was the Student/Vocational category. (Made my film in college so I want to be able to compete in that category.)

So I sent my film in on the last day, few days later got an email back saying it is a finalist! ๐Ÿ˜€

What does this mean?

This means that my film, if it is picked as a winner, can be shown on the local T.V stations in the area and on their website. I know EXCITING!

The CreaTive Awards Gala will be held this Saturday (Jan 10, 2015) at the California Theatre on 345 S First Street in Downtown San Jose. Unfortunately there are now free tickets since this is a non profit organization, so the tickets for General Admission are $50 and with a current Student ID, you can get in for $20. There is a VIP Ticket for $125 ย were you can come and network before the award show too.

So that is the BIG NEWs so far and I would love to know if anybody is going to be there as well. I’m going with some of my family and hopefully some of my actors if they can come.

Well thats the news and I will keep you updated when it happens on Saturday. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram as that is were I shall be posting pictures and info as well.

Talk to you later!

XOXO AlyssaCreaTive Awards Banner


A World War 2 Flashback

Ello everyone!

I know againย  and again and again… I suck at blogging. It’s one of many issues that I have..

Any who! In marchย I was on set for a world war 2 film for a friend of mine. AND OMG!!! Can you say a shit ton of mud, explosions, gun fire and did I say mud already? MUD MUD MUD MUD MUD.

I was down in an old WW2 hanger that is still standing in California which is super cool. The fields all had trenches and it was sure muddy. It was so muddy that one of our actors had to go through 3 pairs of combat boots. It was crazy!

But not as crazy as me getting a car stuck in the mud! Seriously I go a car stuck in the biggest mud puddle, that we sort of made bigger at the time, when we were trying to get out. It was horrible. Let me tell you what happened.

We were already running behind because ofย  Day Light Savings and other things as well and I made sure that the last load of actors had gottenย in the car to go out into the field.ย  Then the only 2 people left were my Unit Production Manager Kelly and I. We took her boy friend’s car and was trying to get out into the field. The only problem was we didn’t see the path that the other cars had been driving so we just thought it was a one way streak to get to the field.

Well it wasn’t.

Pretty much we went the wrong way from the start and then when we saw how muddy it got, weย  decided to take the other path and just cross over. THAT WAS OUR MISTAKE RIGHT THERE! Once we went into the crossing of the path, we felt the car sink deeper into the mud and then us trying to get it out, it kinda sunk in a bit more. It was frustrating and I needed to be over in the field and not stuck in the mud so you can say I had a sort of meltdown / cussing at the worldย  tantrum. To everyone it looked funny and so they laughed.. I wasn’t happy.

This is why I don't drive in the mud... ever!!

This is why I don’t drive in the mud… ever!!

And that was the incident with the car.ย  There was also the bathroom problem and how there were only 3 girls on set who couldn’t just take a wiz whenever we can like the boys. We actually needed a toilet which at most of the time wasn’t near the fields we were shooting on. Especially the last day an 1:00 am.

OH AND the biggest thing that happened was that…THIS SHIT WAS A WORLD WAR 2 FILM!!! We had rifles and explosions and OMG awesome shit happening! The Rein-Actors are absolutely amazing and hilariously funny. Our main actors were just amazing people to hang out with over the weekend and the many perks on being on set was that its all good to drink once we are wrapped for the day.

It was such an amazing time and a great adventure to go through. The experience was definitely something to go through but in a good way! I am glad I got to meet people and hang out with a bunch of cool, crazyย  awesome people ever ๐Ÿ™‚

Lets make another film.


Alyssa G (Pinky)

Short Films

Ello Everyone!

Hope today is pretty good. I don’t know if you guys know this about me, but I love finding short films either on Youtube, Vimeo, Tumblr and other websites and sharing it with people. I love features but not everyone is going to watch a feature just because you said it was good. BUT with a small short, you can have beautiful cinematography, and ย a good strong story line. I also find Short films sometimes more entertaining than a feature. But here is a short documentary on Point Shoesย by Galen Summer that I really like. I am in love with dance/performance documentaries. Hope you guys like and tell meย what do you guys like to watch. Documentaries? Short Films? Features? Let me know.