Where Have I Been

That is a great question. I have been busy and not just the busy with tasks from TaskRabbit. I have been busy with filming. All of August I was working on a feature film called LOOK INTO THE FIRE. We made a 1 twenty-something page feature film in 15 days. 15 DAYS!!!!  

That is a lot to do in 15 days and I know Hollywood does it all the time, but as an independent film…it was difficult.


For the full month of August, all I had on my mind was a film. I did have 2 small events for TaskRabbit that I had to attend too but other than that FILMING WAS EVERYTHING.

But Alyssa… where have you been now? The last post you made was at the end of May and it’s October!!! What have you been doing?

That is a very good question! I had been Tasking a lot but only with 2 clients at the time going back and forth with each other on different days. Then everything else…. Well fell through. I lost my mojo. 😦 Everything that went with filming youtube videos to posting anything….. Just sort of went quiet for me. I fell right into a rut and I stayed there for a little bit. Actually, once filming and major events slowed down, I have sort of stayed in that rut. 


I do know what is keeping me in a rut or at least are contributing factors:

  • Struggling for work on TaskRabbit
  • Low $$ in my account
  • Creatively lost
  • Feeling helpless because I can’t support myself at the moment
  • Starting to overthink everything I do

Do any of you guys have any suggestions on how to get out of a rut? I would really like to go to a place and just relax and unwind. However, creatively I don’t know if that will help. I have started to actually write in a journal again just because I felt that maybe I should and it has helped me with my emotional state of mind.  I still exercise and run so every time I do that, I do feel better about myself and about my day. 

Do any of you all get into this situation? Any advice you can give me to help me out? I would love to hear how other creatives control their state of mind and just keep going even when you are in a rut.  Anyways, let me know and hope to hear from you all soon. 

~ Alyssa G




Hi, Everyone

Well, I sort of been distracted with Task Rabbit again and completely forgot to write and set up blog post……. OOPS.

I guess that is what happens when you technically work 3 different jobs all at once. 😀

I do plan on making some changes so stay tuned for that! I’m hoping those changes will take effect by next week. 🙂

But hope all is well with you lovely people and see ya soon! ❤




Unicorn Drink Review

It’s out everyone! The anticipated drink that was teased from Starbucks Unicorn Drink.

Just the look alone makes me want to jump into it and have an awesome dream like fun. Also PINK SPRINKLES!!! 

The drink just beckons me to drink it! So I will. 🙂

I love how it looks. It’s exactly like a unicorn should be if it was fused with a drink. Purple, pink, blue and white fluffy yumminess all around with dusting of sprinkles on the top. LOVE IT!

Now for the taste… well it was interesting. I loved the sweet cream taste at first, something like a cupcake or vanilla sweetness. Then after drinking a few sips, you get to the sour stuff.

giphy (1)

OH BOY! Once you hit the sour blue syrup, it pretty much takes you away from the sweetness of the drink. I think the sour would be fine if it wasn’t a lot, but after hitting that sour syrup several times in the drink, I’m pretty sure my face had sunken in.  The SOUR GETS TO YA!

Overall, the drink was fun but definitely not going to order it again.  At least it was something new. What I do love from Starbucks are their Machiatto’s! ❤ I can live off of those babies!

Do you all like the Unicorn Drink? Was it all worth it? Let me know in the comments! ❤

Talk to ya soon!

Alyssa G