St. Patrick’s Day Facts

15 Fun facts for St. Patricks Day!


Happy Barbie Day! Come check out my blog where we talk all about Barbie!

Music Love

Here are the top songs I'm obsessed with right now! check it out and see if your favorite also made it. 🙂

T.V. Shows That I Watch

Ello everyone! I watch a lot of television, but usually I record the shows and watch them at a later time because who has time for commercials. NO ONE! Here are  the shows I watch: Game of Thrones Once Upton a Time Salem Gotham Grimm Castle FaceOff Find Carter The Royals (Love this new Show)... Continue Reading →

Oscar Predictions

Hey guys! So I know all of you must be super excited that the Oscar’s are going to happen THIS SUNDAY!!! I have no idea if any of you have kept up with this years award season but here are some of my predictions for this year’s OSCARS!!! Best Picture: Boyhood! Why?: Because if you made a... Continue Reading →

Vans Warp Tour 2014

Ello loves! How many of you went to warp tour? ... Okay how many of you went to warp tour when you were in Jr. High or High school? There we go! Well I went to Warp Tour on June 21st for the first time only because WE THE KINGS were going to be there.... Continue Reading →

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