Greenest Day Ever

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Music Love

Here are the top songs I'm obsessed with right now! check it out and see if your favorite also made it. ūüôā

Have you ever googled yourself? If you did, was it good? If not then check out some helpful tips on making sure you have control of your online presence.

Allegiant Movie Review

Ello Everyone Well, to be honest, I didn't think I was going to write about this topic, but I just needed to get this off my chest. I'm a huge book reader and I'm a firm believer in reading the books before the movie however, there are some cases where I've seen the movie but... Continue Reading →

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Ello Everyone Many of you started school, college or even work this first week and I just want to say congratulations! ¬†Hope you all are doing well for your first week of whatever and guess what? ¬†It's Labor Day Weekend, so go and relax for 3 days! You ¬†deserve it. ūüėČ So all I really... Continue Reading →

Beaches are the Best

Ello everyone! Hope all is well in your life. ¬†This past Sunday, I was invited onto a hiking trail which was really a beach hiking adventure. ¬†Being by the ocean in the early morning was quite beautiful and such a therapeutic¬†experience. ¬†I went to Wilder Ranch State Park with my friends Jenni and Bijan. It... Continue Reading →

What to do in Yosemite

Ello! Well, I took a small family trip this past week to¬†YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK!!! It was fantastic and there were so many beautiful views of Yosemite. The fun part of it all was there were tons of stuff to do at the park, that I felt like you needed several days just to get to... Continue Reading →

Survived Warp Tour

VANS WARP TOUR WAS AMAZING! Yep, I went to Warp Tour this year in Mountain View at the shoreline on august 6th. I made a video on my Youtube Channel¬†on how to survive warped tour a week before the show. Go check it out here:¬† I rode with my cousin Shyan, her boyfriend¬†Dustin and 2... Continue Reading →

Adult Goals

Do you remember when you were a child, and you would make a list of all the things you wanted to do when you got older, do you still have the list? If you are like most people that list has faded away somewhere, but you have¬†technically kept a list of all the things you... Continue Reading →

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