Vroom Vroom

Do you like the smell of gas? Loud Engines?  Cars going by incredible fast in a circle or some sort? Well then you must be a NASCAR Fan!

Last week I headed up to Sonoma Raceway with my family to enjoy NASCAR.  My dad has been a fan ever since I can remember, so naturally during race season, every weekend a NASCAR Race would be on the T.V. Most of my drivers now do not race anymore ( Jeff Gordon & Danica Patrick), but I still enjoy watching the races! It’s really fun when it close to the end of the race and then BAM , someone wrecks their car and screws it all up for everyone else. It can be exhilarating!

Sonoma Track

Anyones, its sort of like a tradition in my family to head up to Sonoma when the races comes close to town. We call it my dad’s “Shopping Day” as he only ever wears NASCAR shirts and tanks. Even to Work! We go Friday instead of Saturday or Sunday, because my dad likes it when it’s not too crowded with people and he can get everything he wants without a hassle. I love going with my family! Feeling the vibrations of the ground as the racers fly by in their car, the loud engine noise that echo’s in your ears for days and just the fast pace of it all. It is honestly a lot of fun to experience.

Shopping Spree.png

This year there wasn’t too many things my dad wanted to get at the track, but every year he gets my brother and 1 one thing. I don’t know what my brother got, I think a shirt or possibly a hat, but this year I actually got a sweater that I saw last year but didn’t get.  It’s a grey/black textured sweater with “SIN CITY” written on the back in a neon pink color. To me, it’s absolutely beautiful. ❤


Another big thing at the race tracks is all the yummy food vendors! It was actually a very hot day on Friday, so to me I was looking for anything cold! I was a bit surprised to not see many ice cream vendors. I was a tad but disappointed there because I was craving actually ice cream scoops with a cone, and not just the snickers ice cream candy bars. They did have tons of fried options, including a 12″ CORN DOG! Can you guess what I got?! HAHA Yep, I got the Corn dog and it was cheaper than getting a rice bowl, which did look really good, but SUPER SMALL! There were also plenty of alcohol options for anyone who wanted to drink in the am and through out the day.

Cars Races

I had a blast this and and I’m always glad I get to spend time with my family, still following the traditions we created. ❤

Do any of you have any traditions you all do with family? Friends? Let me know done below 🙂 Anyways talk to you all soon!

~ Alyssa G

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