Spring Cleaning

Ello Everyone

Hope you all are doing well! SPRINGTIME IS HERE! Well, I’m in California and it still feels like Winter  😦

Anyways, for most people this time around, everyone is in their spring cleaning mode. That just usually means, people want to go re-evaluate their own house or a certain part of the house and just get everything sorted.  For some, this can really be a zen situation and they can get through a lot in a day, but I know many people just HATE the idea of going through their own shit. I completely understand their hesitations for starting at the beginning can be very overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of stuff! The good news is that I actually really like organizing and I find myself wanting to organize other people stuff for them. To me, it’s just really bothersome to see just how much shit they have and I feel like they would really benefit if someone helped them out. Sometimes all you need is a helping hand, and my hand is here to help!

Here are some tips I feel really make a difference when you are spring cleaning and just want to get started.


They may seem obvious but people tend to move from one space to another when cleaning and they don’t realize it, until all of a sudden they have 3 rooms that are messier than before.  I would start in 1 room that is a top priority for example ( Kitchen, Bathrooms, Livingroom). You want to get these done and out of your way because you will most likely be using those places later that day.


What I mean by choosing a system, is that you automatically put certain items in certain places already. Instead of fighting that auto placement you have and creating a totally new layout for everything, stick with what you got but only if it works for you. Many people don’t know it, but they already have everything in their own layout, its’ just messy because they haven’t had the time to put things away properly. I honestly always follow their own layout and just clean it up and slightly move things around to make more space for them.  If you have a space that just doesn’t work at all, then I would say map out all the thing you use every day to once a week, then monthly and place those items in a way that will make sense to you and anyone using your kitchen, bathroom or space.


This can be a bit tricky for people because some people have a problem with letting go of items, clothing, toys etc.  If you have the space for it and you want to keep certain personal or memorable things, then make the space for it! If you are in a small spot, you got to make a decision to either keep it, use it or donate it to someone who will use it.  If it brings you joy and excitement, keep but if not, then donate.  Everything should have a use in your space and if it can’t be used, or stored away properly, then do you really need it covering up space that you need.

  • Side note, when I say donate, I do mean donate items that are usable and not gross! I don't know how many people I've seen donate chewed up, disgusting, smelly items. Its just rude and rank. 


This may take some time for some people but once you have decluttered the space you are in, organizing it will go much smoother. Depending on where you are at in the house/apartment, organizing can go in different sections.  If I was in a  kitchen than I would organize my kitchen stuff by what I use often to more seasonal items. If I was in my room organizing my closet or drawers then I would go by heavy to light, color coordination, or seasonal. It’s really a personal choice.


After organizing and sorting everything in the space, you are just bound to create some dust bunnies, dirt or sparkles on the ground or in the area you are in. The last step really is to clean up the room you are in. Sometimes that’s vacuuming the carpet, cleaning hardwood floors, countertops, dusting books off, doing the dishes, putting clothes away etc. That last extra step can really make you feel accomplished and finished when it’s all done.

Hope this was helpful for you all! I know many people who have tried to clean their space but again sometimes you just need a helping hand. Sometimes, that helping had can be in the form of an article, a friend or even a Tasker on TaskRabbit.   If you have any other useful tips, definitely send them my way! See Ya around!

XOXO Alyssa G


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