St. Patrick’s Day Facts


Ello everyone, and happy soon to be St. Patricks Day!

I always remember growing up and being in school during St. Patty’s Day. I would get pinched for not wearing green, eating all the green sweets because the leprechauns will know if you didn’t. I think my favorite activity would be to try and find a leprechaun to get to his pot of gold.  So many wonderful and childish memories that I’ll hopefully never forget. Though now that I am older, I wonder why we celebrate St. Patricks Day and why is it so important. So I did some digging and found some cool facts about this day.

  • St. Patrick was actually from Whales.
  • St. Patrick color was actually blue! Green was associated with st. Patricks Day because of the Irish Independent movement.
  • The Irish take St. Patricks Day very seriously! And so does New York.
  • St. Patrick’s Day was originally a dry holiday! Up until 1970 when it became a national holiday all around.
  • A shamrock is a metaphor for the Holy Trinity, according to Irish Legend.
  • There are no female leprechauns.

There are many more facts out there! Check out this site here 15 Facts for more information, it’s where I got most of mine 😀

Let me know what your favorite part of St. Patricks Day is! Is it Green? The Leprechauns? The History of it? Culture?  Comment below! I would love to chat with you about it. 🙂

If you want some more fun for St. Patricks DayCheck out my YT Channel for my fun Baily’s Pudding Shot Recipe!

See ya around everyone!

XoXo Alyssa G


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