Hello, I’m Barbie. What’s your name?”  ( You totally read that in the iconic Barbie voice, right? I sure did. 

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing well.  TODAY IS BARBIE DAY!  

What does that mean? Well if you are a fan of Barbie or you have just played with all the Barbies growing up, then you know how special she is and what she means to you.  To be honest, I still have all my Barbies, her clothes, and Pink Bug Car. They are all somewhere in my parent’s house 🙂  

Anyways, you may be wondering, why is March 9 Barbie Day? Well, the very first Barbie to ever debut was on March 9th, 1959.  That’s 59 years ago! Holy Cow! That’s pretty amazing and she is still going strong even with all the other competitions like ( BRATZ Dolls, Polly Pockets, Monster High Dolls, Ever After Dolls, etc) It just goes to show that she means a lot to many boys and girls over the years and will continue to inspire for many more.  

Here are some interesting facts about Barbie that I found 🙂  

  • Her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts
  • The first Barbie doll was sold for $3.00
  • Barbie® doll’s signature color is Barbie™ Pink (PMS 219)
  • Barbie® doll has had 180+ inspirational careers
  • Although she has never won an election, Barbie® has run for president 6 times since 1992.
  • Barbie® has been a muse to many artists over the past 5+ decades – including Andy Warhol and Peter Max
  • In 2015, Barbie launched her first video blog (vlog) on YouTube
  • Barbie® has represented more than 40 different nationalities
  • Barbie® dolls are sold in 150 countries
  • In Mexico, Barbie® has her own awards show honoring inspirational women each year

I LOVE BARBIE! She has always represented happiness, pink, bravery, unconditional love, kindness, and possibilities. She has inspired me from day one seeing her in a Toys R Us store and I think she was such a huge influence on me as a child that to this day I will always have her as part of my aesthetic. I mean, I never grew out of the color pink and to be honest, I never will because of the impact she had on me as a child.  And for that, I say thank you Barbie

Did any of you play with Barbies or still own them? What was your favorite one? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

xoxo Alyssa G

These are the links if you all want to check out more information about Barbie.

History of BarbieBarbie Facts : Barbie’s Youtube :


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