Winter Olympics are HERE


Ello Everyone

I hope you all are doing well!!! Can you all believe that the Winter Olympics are finally here! I know I am a super big supporter of the Olympics and Team USA, but does anyone else get as excited and giddy as I do? The Opening Ceremonies were beautiful to watch. I loved the torchlight at the end, as I always find that to just be so cool! I think my ultimate favorite part of the ceremony was the Parade of Athletes, especially when South and North Korea walked out together. I was getting all emotional for them because even though they are still at war, the athletes of those two countries have come together to show solidarity and peace with each other for the games and themselves.  It was truly magnificent to watch.

giphy-downsizedMy ultimate favorite sport to watch during the Winter Olympics is Ice Skating! I find those athletes just stunning and when they do complicated lifts or flips,  I just get so thrilled!! My heart races as they start to do their routine and watching them do their best is incredible. Though when I do see them fall especially if it’s from Team USA, I get so scared. I don’t ever want to see an Olympian athlete get hurt, especially on ice.  I think Russia and Canada definitely have a higher rank than the USA in ice skating but we can compete with them no problem! I am surprised by Italy’s skaters as they have proven themselves to be a force to reckon with this Olympic Games, and they have proven that in the Team Skates!

giphy-downsized (1)


Another favorite sport I like to watch during the Winter Games is most of all the snowboard sections     (Slopestyle, Downhill, half Pipe, etc). I know the 17-year-old, Redmond Gerard won Gold over all the veterans that were out there and it was insane to watch.  I’m  also excited to watch Shawn White and Chloe Kim in their sections as well! Are you guys into any specific sports for the Winter Games? Do you all have a favorite athlete you follow?  Let me know in the comments below!

Talk to ya soon!

❤ Alyssa G


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