Valentine’s for You <3

Hi Everyone

I hope you all are doing well! Valentines Day is coming up and I know many people who love &  hate this holiday. Only some people really have significant others or a special person in their lives they want to spend time with on this day or make it special. But to the many others out there who don’t have that special someone, well it’s sort of a bummer.


You are your own special person so really you should just take yourself out for a special day or night.  Now Valentines Day does fall on a Wednesday, which means many people will be working on this day, but doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it, right! Here are a few ideas to make Valentines Day the best you have ever had for YOURSELF.

A Spa for One 

Take your sexy ass self to a spa for either a mudbath, a facial, massage, or even just do your nails! You don’t need to spend bucko $$$  bucks in a spa but you are an amazing person and work hard all day, so why not!

Fancy Dinner 

Have you ever wanted to try and go to a super fancy restaurant and experience what it would be like, just for the hell of it…well now you can! Dress yourself up as nice as you want and make a reservation for that one spot you have been dying to try.  The best part is,  1 person is cheaper than 2! You deserve a 3 meal course and a glass of wine or whatever they have. And if it all goes down to shits, well there is McDonald’s.

Go see a Movie

You don’t have to go see a chick flick, or comedy or whatever your partner wants to see because there isn’t someone to tell you what to see. Go on and see that horror film that has great reviews. Or go see that action pack Syfy biopic that is supposedly dumb as hell, but hey no one is going to tell you otherwise. Enjoy all the popcorn and slurpy drink for yourself.

Stay Home & Treat Yourself

Don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money, no worries, stay at home in your own comforts. You are most likely going to be super tired from work anyway, so might as well enjoy a night just for you in your PJ’s and the best entertainment your T.V can offer. Best part, you can order in with Uber Eats, Postmates or even DoorDash!

Do Dinner with other Single Friends

If you don’t want to be alone for Valentines Day, hang out with some awesome single friends of yours and have a singles night. You can host or just go out for dinner. My favorite is having a potluck and everyone bringing their favorite dish with tons of sweets. You can enjoy other’s company without any strings attached.

Valentines Day is about loving those close to you and sometimes that can be just you. Treat yourself to whatever your heart desires and make no apologies for the best night you know you can give yourself.

You are awesome! 




Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

Alyssa G



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