USS Hornet Museum

Ello Everyone

Hope you all are doing well! Recently, I went with my family to the USS Hornet Museum in Alameda, CA. As I’ve gotten older, I really cherish the times I have with my family, so going on these weekend adventures with them are really fun. We’ve always wanted to come to the USS Hornet, and my father had this urge to go, so we all just drove up to it and BAM, we were there.

I always forget just how massive ships are, and coming up to the USS Hornet was just breathtaking. If you don’t know, The USS Hornet is a historical Navy ship that has fought in World War 2, the Cold War and was also the recovery ship for the men in NASA’s Apollo 11 & 12 space capsule’s. The ship has a lot of history to it and being able to walk on the same deck as all those men when they were on the ship is pretty incredible. I loved the guided tours in and out of certain areas of the ship, many of the docents (name of the guided tours) were navy men during the time when the USS Hornet was in service and many of them were actually on the ship during that time. It was an honor to meet them and to hear all the cool historical facts & secret parts of the ship. 🙂

I took a lot of pictures when I was there and it was such a perfect day, that I was able to see San Francisco from across the bay. It was neat.  One of my favorite parts of the ship was just walking in and out of the corridors and realizing just how small & packed everything was. I fit perfectly, but during a drill or possible attacked I know I would have been shoved up against something.  Do any of you love going to museums or a historical place? Do you have any family ties to the place? Share them below! I would love to hear them and chat about it.

Until next time!

Alyssa G 


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