Golden Globes Review

Hi Everyone

Hope you all are doing well!  Did anyone else have a busy Sunday? I actually did! I ran my first 15K in San Francisco called  The Hot Chocolate Run. Then after coming back from San Francisco, I relaxed until the Golden Globes were on.

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I was in love with everyone wearing Black to show solidarity for women in the entertainment business. Even all the men at the show wearing black was absolutely breathtaking. It truel shows that people can come together and show support and want change. It’s not just words on a page, but really a movement that has been slowly rising until now.

Speaking of words, I think the most eloquent speeches spoken at the awards show has to go to Oprah Winfrey.  I mean if people weren’t rooting for her to be president, I’m sure now they will. ( I don’t know if the rumors are true if she will run for prez, but I kinda hope so!)  She gave us all such influential advice with a bit of history and why we as a human being should all be standing up for each other ( as women and men) to create and be the CHANGE! You can check out her full speech here:

Oprah at the Golden Globes 2018

I think the only disappointment  I felt at the Golden Globes was in the directorial category where Natalie Portman made it very clear it was all MALE. Which I found odd because several films that came out this year and were highly recognized in  the entertainment light were female-directed movies, such as :

  • “Lady Bird” by Greta Gerwig
  • “Wonder Woman” by Patty Jenkins
  • “Mudbound” by Dee Reese
  • “The Zookeepers Wife” by Niki Caro
  • “Everything  Everything” by  Stella Meghie
  • “Underworld: Bloodlines” by Stacy Title

Now I’m not saying, Guillermo del Toro didn’t deserve his win for “The Shape of Water”  because that movie was absolutely breathtaking and very well done! Christopher Nolan’sDunkirk” film was also another favorite of mine as the cinematography on that film was beautiful. I also loved that it truly portrayed that time in the existence of WW2 and what all those men were feeling and just wanting to go home.

I wish I knew what qualifies a film to be considered Best Picture and what qualifies a director to be considered for Best Director in an award show.  Maybe someone will spill the beans one day. Or I can try and work my way into the Foreign Press Association and tell everyone secretly. LOL

Anyways, did any of you have any interesting thoughts on the Golden Globes this past Sunday? What did you think about all the “Times Up” and winners?  Let me know in the comments below! ❤


 Alyssa G


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