I’m OBESSED with Stranger Things

Ello Everyone

So I recently watched all 2 seasons of Stanger Things and I CAN’T GET ENOUGH!!! No seriously, I can’t stop watching it over and over again, through Netflix, Instagram scenes, and watching all their youtube interviews and stuff. :O

Now I can totally get behind why everyone was freaking out about Stranger Things when it first came out. The storyline is phenomenal, all the characters have different and complex arches and we start to see them more as individuals in season 2, and the freaking ART DEPARTMENT NAILED IT! I mean some of the things that they show during that period, my dad says is true to that decade. They did a good job on their research and attention to detail. ❤

Don’t know if you all know this but Season 3 of Stranger Things has been renewed so that’s good! Now it’s just passing the time until we can all go back to Hawkins 🙂 So to all my people who also love and are still obsessed with Stranger Things, what do I do?!! Is there another show I can watch to keep me occupied until season3? Are their more interviews and behind the scenes clips, I can watch? Let me know what you guys are doing to help with your obsession with Stranger Things.  LOL

Here are some cool pictures from this past season that I liked. If any of you have more pictures of things I should check out, let me know! ❤



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