Oscars 2017 – OH MY!

Hello, Everyone

If you watched the Oscars last night then you realized that someone fucked up somewhere at the very end!

That’s right! Someone fucked up on the biggest award of the night!!!!


The show was going pretty well and was entertaining for the most part with some bad jokes here and there, but for most of the winners, there were a variety of films and people being recognized for their work! It was amazing to watch and hear their speeches. Loved Viola Davis’s speech, got me in the feels.

I was super pumped that Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them won an Oscar as well. ❤

But I think the biggest moment of the night was when the award for Best Picture was given to the wrong movie :O

Somehow somewhere, the red envelope with the winners had been mixed up and it was caught live.

LaLaLand was presented with the win, but really it was MOONLIGHT who had won best picture. It was all caught here –  http://bit.ly/2mu1YZQ

I can say the Oscars never disappoint with shock and awe! Here are the rest of the winners of the night as well.

Winners of the 2017 Oscars



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