Goals of 2017

What is it that you want to see accomplish or do more of in 2017.

That is a great question, so here are just some of the many things I want to accomplish this year.

Write & Creat New Content 

I would like to write 1 short film and I would like to write consistent content for my blog.

Film More of my Projects 

I want to make more YouTube videos that are either super duper short sketches, monologues, and or movie reviews.

I’ve had ideas over the past few years but now that I’ve saved and collected some film gear stuff, I feel like I should be able to put out a bit more.

I want to be a part of more film projects, either short film or features. I want to be more involved with movies that I like, not just because I can be apart of them. 


Whether it’s on stage or film, I would like to put myself out there a bit more for acting as well. Even if it’s just my monologues on my YouTube channel. I miss preparing and becoming another character while acting. If I can, I would like to audition for a part either on stage or for a film.

Try to Cook Meals – Healthy Habits

I can’t cook barely anything at all and I would like to make meals for myself more often.  I’m a very picky eater and sometimes I just don’t want to get fast food. Most of the time and this is the big reason, I’m super lazy to cook anything once I get home. I have heard meal planning really helps for busy people but I don’t think I can eat the same thing for 3 days straight. :/ Maybe for 2 days but that is still pushing it. I can cook pasta, eggs – scrambled/omelets only, cereal, pancakes, toast, and anything frozen.  My cooking skills are in need of an upgrade.  Any suggestion from anyone?

This goes along with cooking but I would also like to be better with baking. My baking skills are okay, but they are not the greatest, so maybe every once in a while, I can give baking a shot as well. 

These cooking goals for 2017, go well with my next objective in 2017 and that taking control of my health. I’m  not per-say, in bad health, but I know I could eat better than I had been in 2016. I had an awesome workout schedule down for more than half of 2016 but my eating habits didn’t really fit well with what I was doing. 

Pretty much my goal for 2017 is staying healthy and possibly lose 10 Ibs. I’m 130 now but I think 115-120 would be great. I have no problem gaining weight if its muscle tone. I know I can do it, I just have to put in more of the effort to do it. 

I Want to Run More. 

I am a runner and I loved doing cross country in high school. I have done several races of out of school and last year did 3 races. This year I would like to push myself and do more 10K’s=6.1 miles. Again, I just need to push myself and honestly sign up for races early.  I know my friend Jenni, will be doing more races this year as well and she has been doing pretty good with half marathons. To me, that a bit much but maybe eventually I will get there. 

Remembering Specific Dates

I am pretty organized, but when it comes to specific dates (birthdays, anniversary’s, holidays) and making sure I have presents & cards….I’m horrible. I would like to just try and plan ahead this time and make sure I’m not forgetting anything or anyone important in my life.

Read & Finish my Books

I don’t always read a book because once I get hooked into a series, that’s all I want to do is read it! I won’t even EAT because I’m trying to finish a book or chapter. It’s sometimes a bit scary. I would like to read a book a month but I know, when I get busy,  I just lose track of time. 

Prepare to Move OUT

This has been a goal of mine to do since I graduated college back in 2013. I have been saving and saving and saving since I graduated and I am super close to making my goal mark. I just need to execute a plan that will hopefully go smoothly for the move to Los Angeles. Any tips and tricks for a newbie mover?

Explore Where I Live More

I’m close to the mountains, somewhat close to the ocean and all-around great cities. I would like to explore more, where I live and take day adventures out and about where I live. I feel like with such a busy schedule, we miss the beauty of small towns and business that we never knew where right in front of our faces. 


I need to push myself out there and network with other amazing people in the area. It will be good and a great experience to really push outside my comfort zone. Any tips for networking for film or digital media?


This might be a bit difficult since I’m trying to save my money to move out, but I would to travel more and see different places. New Zealand, Ireland, anywhere in London, Greece, Italy, Egypt… so many places to go see. Maybe I can set myself up for a little trip or either a few small trips in the future. 

Those are just some of the things I want to do more in 2017. I feel like I can accomplish a lot of these goals in 2017 but I’m glad I finally made a list for me to visualize. 

What about you guys? What are some of your goals?


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  1. Again some great thoughts Alyssa. The only thing that I can say is to be more defined with your goals and truly commit to them so that you have something tangible to work towards. For example, “running more 10k’s” is very open ended and qualitative. Maybe you could look at something more like “to run five 10k’s by year’s end”. This will give you something concrete to work towards. Best of luck for 2018 goal setting!


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