Hi, Everyone

Hope all is well with you in this new year.

I have an interesting topic. Have you ever Googled yourself? I think in this day and age, at some point we have and sometimes we find hilarious images that are not relative to you as a person, but what would happen if you did find an image or an article about you and it wasn’t good.

It could be worse and it can be an image of you that isn’t professional, to say the least, or even sometimes discriminating. I know many of the older generations may not even care or acknowledge that there is now a social life online; however, for the younger generations, an online presence is essential.

For me, I did grow up with a computer, and an unhealthy attachment to the internet. (I’ve gotten way better as I get older)  I was taught that you need an online presence because your future employers will want to look you up and they will make a decision base on what they find about you.


So, have you googled yourself lately? Did you find anything bad…or good? Some helpful tips that I’ve been taught or told to keep in mind when on the internet is:

Don’t post anything you don’t want people to know

This could be an image, an article or even sometimes your opinions. If you don’t want people finding out something about you, that you are not ready to tell or share, then don’t post it.

Privacy Control

You have all the control on who see’s what on your website’s and social media platforms.  Just make sure you keep everything up today and change your passwords maybe every 2 years. (I’m honestly the worst about changing my password, but I do change all of them every 2 years or so) Hackers have gotten bigger & worse which is why I say change your passwords so they won’t be able to get into your profiles and destroy your online self.  If you want the public to know what you ate last night, then great, but if not, then maybe just make sure only family and friends can see that. It’s all in your hands. If a situation ever gets out of hand and you need help putting together a plan of action for damage control, there are reputation management services that can help.

Take Control

If you want your online presence for business to be different from your personal online presence, which many people do, then make sure your online presence for your business stands out more than your personal.  Make sure only people in your personal life see’s what you personally want them to see and all of your coworkers, bosses, EX BOSSES or classmates see your business profiles. This is really a judgment call on who you want to attach to certain networks and if you really want to make 2 profiles, sites, etc..  You just got to make sure that you know what is out there and what is either being shared or said about you or your business. They good and the bad.

Here is an awesome chart for more helpful tips:


The internet is a crazy big world. What you decide to put out there or not is all up to you. You have the control and as along as you keep up to date about your online self, you are golden.

If you have any more helpful tips or questions about googling yourself or any online presence issue, let me know!

Hope to hear from you all soon.


~ Alyssa G


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