Fall iPhone Wallpapers

Hey Everyone

So it may not feel like fall here in the Bay area, but I so wish it did! I love it when it gets to be overcast, windy and sometimes the smell of rain on wet cement just brings me joy! I love the fall colors and all the leaves falling on the ground, especially when you walk and hear a CRUNCH every step you take, It’s magical to me 🙂

But since it’s still pretty warm outside and it definitely looks more like summer than it does fall, then the next best thing really for me is to make my phone feel like fall. Yes, it may sound absurd, but since my iPhone is with me at all times and it’s usually the first thing I grab, I might as well make it feel like Fall is here and then I will know that this will be the weather soon to be. I’m also a super fan of changing my wallpaper every month to match the season and or holiday 🙂 This is perfect for you new iPhone 7 users as well!

So here are some of my favorite from my Pinterest Page:


Hope you all like these. If you think I’ll like any others, don’t be shy! Send them my way 🙂 I love finding new pictures.

xoxo Alyssa G


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