Allegiant Movie Review

Ello Everyone

Well, to be honest, I didn’t think I was going to write about this topic, but I just needed to get this off my chest.

I’m a huge book reader and I’m a firm believer in reading the books before the movie however, there are some cases where I’ve seen the movie but haven’t read the book ( aka Me Before You). I have read all of the Divergent books by Veronica Roth and they were done so beautifully  and just absolutely wonderfully that I was sucked in and for 3 days I couldn’t be bothered. If any you have read the books you know what the ending is like in Allegiant and just how much Veronica Roth just sucker punched us all in the throat and laughed. It was heartbreaking but necessary as it was a realistic ending to what happens in a war or in this type of situation.

Now as I’m a lover of the books, I knew that the movie wasn’t ging to be quite as similar. It was already stated that the movie is more for the visual effects of the story line than the all of the details that were in the book.  So let just say the movie was :


DON’T GET ME WRONG! I liked the movie, but it just wasn’t what I pictured in my head of what was happening. It was all still very entertaining for me and I did enjoy watching it. Now I can’t give you detail by detail of what really should have been in the movie and where they should have left it off instead of where they did, but I haven’t read the books in almost 2 years so those small details that I knew or gone.  I know on Tumblr and other awesome websites, many fans debate on what should have been and stuff  like that but it is what it is. If you are a fan of the books and don’t mind too much of the movies, then I think you will like. If you are a stickler for things in the movies & books, then maybe not watch it. It’s up to you.

There is also a big discussing inside the studio and producers of the film about how the last movie will be a T.V movie to help drive the series into a spin-off for T.V.  This was not in the contract that the actors and many of the people behind the scenes signed under. The last movie of the Divergent Series which was called ” Ascendant“, was suppose to be in a theatrical release! The only reason they brought the idea of a T.V series was because “Allegiant” didn’t bring in the money like it had before in the prior movie prequels.

giphy (4).gif

But many of the lead actors are not okay with the idea of the last movie being a T.V movie. That wasn’t in their contract and if the studio does decide that they would like to do THAT option, then we are possibly looking at an ending of a series with almost some or maybe none of the original cast in it. That’s NEVER A GOOD THING!

I honestly believe that they should just leave it for theatrical release and maybe not spend so much money in the end. I would rather see the completion of the movie series with all of the original cast members than to see it go on T.V with none of the people who we have not seen before. It wouldn’t look right and it’s not doing anyone a favor. The series I think would be ruined if it does go on T.V. I’m a fan of the books and movies, but I would really hate to see the series  blow up in the end just because of money issues and politics.

Have any of you read the Divergent Series or watched the movies? What was your opinion about Allegiant & how do you feel about it? I would love to get other people’s perspectives on it.

Leave me a message or comment and I would love to talk about it with you.


~ Alyssa G


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