Beaches are the Best

Ello everyone! Hope all is well in your life.  This past Sunday, I was invited onto a hiking trail which was really a beach hiking adventure.  Being by the ocean in the early morning was quite beautiful and such a therapeutic experience.  I went to Wilder Ranch State Park with my friends Jenni and Bijan. It was all of our first time there, so we didn’t really know what to expect. It was magnificent.

We walked along this trail where we  would stop and sit down on the very edge of the cliff and just listen to the waves crashing onto the cliffside.  We did this on quite a few of the spots along the trail before we came up to one of the small beaches to relax at. Check my Instagram for the video of the waves hitting the seacliff.

Once we found the beach, which had an awesome little cave right by it, we just hung out for a bit and just caught up with everyone. I put my phone down, talked with friends and truly just enjoyed the day as it was.  We walked some more to another beach that would have had strawberries, however; they were not in season I guess at the beach.

The reason why beaches are the best, even though I was more on a small hike/beach trial, is because I let go of all the craziness that I’ve surrounded myself with. Even though I did take my phone for pictures and some video, I put it away as to not distract myself from what is in front of me. I live in a life of technology and digital media, so it’s really nice to just put the digital life down and embrace the world.

The beach is a great way to leave it all behind just for a few hours. Having the sun shining, the beach waves roaming up the sand and listening to the wind and the ocean life was very peaceful and super relaxing.  I loved my small amount of time on the beach with friends and just getting away for a little bit. We even hit up a small beach town called ” Pescadero”  and had some lunch. ( There is an awesome fresh bakery here and the bread is to die for!!)  It was such a lovely day  and I’m glad I was able to relax a little bit away from all my hectic life.

What is a beach nearby that you all love to go too? Let me know in the comments below and let’s talk about it.


~ Alyssa G


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