Survived Warp Tour


Yep, I went to Warp Tour this year in Mountain View at the shoreline on august 6th. I made a video on my Youtube Channel on how to survive warped tour a week before the show. Go check it out here:

I rode with my cousin Shyan, her boyfriend Dustin and 2 of his friends who were incredibly funny. One trick to warp tour that I know to get in early is to bring 3 canned goods to the “Feed Our Children Now” Tent  and then they will give you a wristband for early access. You will be surprised at how many people don’t do this and then they have to wait in a very long line just to get in. I was already nervous waiting in line, as the main reason for me to go to warp tour is to see and meet We The Kings. They are my favorite band and I watched Charles, Travis and Danny’s vlogs all the time, so meeting and seeing them is a dream come true. However, they had already tweeted saying that if you want to see them play, that we should get there early.


NNNOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Warp Tour opened at 11am and I was still waiting in line by 11:15 just to get to the front of the gates! Luckily with the early access pass, I was able to get into warp tour right by 11:25am. Once in, I made my way to the left journey’s stage  where I knew We The Kings would be playing and once I heard Travis speak, I ran as fast as I could to the stage and just starting going crazy. They played at 11:30am to 12pm. It was wonderful!!! ❤


Issues played right after We The Kings on the Right Journey’s Stage and my cousins and her BF  had been right in the mix for that, so I walked around and looked at most of the vendors that were there. I found the We The Kings tent and bought a shirt and a poster. They had this new thing where you if you want a meet and greet or even signing from the band, then you had to purchase a shirt to get the ticket. I think it was for all those long lines that might have caused so problems in the past warped tour. :/

Once I found my cousin again we all walked around for a bit, listened to some bands and just relaxed for a bit. Then I started to get hungry and I waited in this super duper long line! I didn’t think it was going to take me more that 45 mins to get food….well it almost took me an hour just to get close to the window. 😦 By that time I needed to get to the Trojan Tent for the Meetup with We The Kings 😦 I was a bit upset for waiting for nothing but soon I realized that maybe I should have left earlier as the line for  We The Kings meet and greet was incredibly long. Luckily I meet to lovely girls who were my awesome line buddies and soon enough we all were to the front of the line. Now usually it’s Travis, Danny, and Charles only but this time around, it was THE ENTIRE BAND!!! I got so excited !! I’ve always wanted to meet Coley and Hunter!!!

Meeting these men have made my life so much better and happier. Their love for their fans is just undeniable and you can feel their love and appreciation 🙂  Travis actually commented on my shirt and Danny realized I was wearing his Tank Top. Danny then gave my a  big hug. I almost died of happiness.  ❤   After saying goodbye to my new friends (hopefully I’ll get to meet them again next time), I finally found food and hung out with my cousin and her BF for the remainder of warp tour. I got to listen to Mayday Parade, Sleeping with Sirens, Yellowcard and Sum 41! I had a blast and I definitely got sunburnt in the face, but it was all worth it!

Has anyone of you guys been to warp tour and what was your experience? Did you get to see or meet your favorite bands? Let me know in the comments and we can talk about it!

Talk to you all later ❤

~ Alyssa G




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