Stressed? Try These Tips

Have you ever just been too stressed out or just have this overwhelming sensation that you just can’t get rid of? Well, I  have been there before and it’s no fun! As a filmmaker, my stress level can rise very quickly especially being on set and when something goes wrong.  But over the few years, I have learned some cool tips to help me out and hopefully; they can help you out.  To be honest, I feel like many people already know a few of these tips, but if they work, then great! Here are the tips!


If you are in a situation where it’s just too much, then maybe you should just walk away from it for now and come back later. This also helps for when you are working on something important and you just either can’t get it done or are unable to fix the problem, then just walk away.   Stepping away from the issue will help you refresh yourself. Go for a walk, go outside or distract yourself with something else to do. Come back to the issue when you are ready and you have completely recharged yourself. Trust me, it does help.


I know that once I get a work out in my day, then I have officially been productive! Now, this really depends on what you consider a workout. To me, it’s either getting a run in, going to my gym 3 times in a week, hiking or even just haveing 15 minutes of stretching. This also really depends on what your day to day schedule looks like and how you can fit something active in there.  Also if you remember from Legally Blond when Elle says:



Like I said earlier in the “walk away” portion,  distract yourself with something else to do. The longer you try to work on whatever seem to be making you stress, the more stressed you are going to get. So do something else. Want to read a book? Pick up a book and read it. Want to dance? Turn on the music and dance it out. Do something that makes you happy for a little bit. You don’t need to be continually hardcore working all the time. You have to get your breaks in there and do what you love.


When I have a clean work area, I just have this huge amount of relief. I don’t feel bothered down and messy anymore. To me, a clean area = more productive area. Now, this doesn’t always work for some people. I know several of my friends who thrive in a messy space.  It’s really up to you and how you feel when you work.


Another great stress reliever is just to talk with someone. Call your mom, sister, friend or even your co-worker. Talking to someone who we are close to and will let us vent can really help us de-stress. Hell, you can even make a girls night just talking  and drinking. I know those are super helpful at times.


These are just some tips that have really helped me out when I feel stressed or overwhelmed. If you know any other tips or have questions, don’t be shy! Leave a comment below and I would love to answer them.



Alyssa G




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