25th Birthday Fun

Hello Everyone,

Woot woot! Just turned 25 on July 7th!  (Cancers unite!)

I really wanted to do something special for turning 25 and my original plan was to go down to MAGIC MOUNTAIN in L.A with some friends, however many of them are not fans of theme parks, rollercoasters and taking a day off to drive down to L.A ( which is roughly 6-7 hrs from where I live).

So the next best plan was to go to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom ( it’s still kinda far but more of my friends and family were able to come to that so BAM!)

My birthday was actually on a Thursday during the week so I just hung out with some family members that came over to see me. My mother made me my favorite cupcakes ( strawberry cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles). They were super delicious! After hanging out with family for several hours I  went to one of my favorite restaurants in the area; RED ROBIN and then went bowling later that night with some friends!

Bowling Night – My friends/family are great bowlers…except me. :/

Saturday was the big day to go to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! I was super excited to try their new ride “THE JOKER“! It had just opened up I think last month and everyone who has gone said it was amazing. (Side-note: I’M A HUGE ROLLERCOASTER FANATIC) My friend Jenni, my cousin Shyan and her BF Dustin came with me to the park. We had a blast going on lots of the rides, eating food and just hanging out. I will say though, if you don’t want to wait in the super long lines like we did for most of the rides, then maybe go ahead and invest in the Flash Pass. I think the longest ride we waited was for the Joker, but it was totally worth it! I’m usually skeptical about wooden roller coasters as they can give me a headache afterwards, but NOT THIS ONE! “Kong” on the other hand, totally gave me a headache and smashed my head around in the seat. It was really quite terrible. I think the Joker was by far the BEST RIDE there at the park. Super Ultimate flight was a good 2nd.

We got to the park roughly around 11:30am and stayed until around 8:00pm.We all didn’t feel like going home just yet and was sort of hungry for actually food and not theme park food, so we headed over to Black Bear Diner around the area and had a lovely dinner!

I had a phenomenal time on my birthday weekend and was very grateful and blessed for everyone who either came out to hang with me on my birthday or to the theme park 🙂 I know everyone seems to dread turning another year older, but I have never felt better about myself and what I’m doing.

Turning 25 ROCKS!




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