Marriage, Babies, and Life

Someone: “Creating a family is the best thing you can do for yourself.”

Me: ……. No

I’m turning 25 in July and NO, I am no Engaged. NO, I am not Married. HELL NO on the whole baby idea.  That is just not me right now and I don’t want it to be.

No one tells you during your 20’s that all of a sudden, your friends are getting married or they are having babies and you can’t even fathom that idea because you still see yourself as a young person who can barely take care of themselves.

I’m not ready to bring a baby into this life and it’s not my goal to have children. Yes, MAYBE in the future but once you decide to have children, you are sort of condemned to their lives, their needs, their wants, their everything.  That can be a great things for people who are ready for that and need that in their life, but for me, NO!!

Congratulation to everyone who is pregnant or who have children and they love their life. GREAT!!! Keep living and being the best person you are as a mom and everything.

Just don’t expect children coming out of me in like well maybe sometime in my 30’s. I feel like that’s a good age to have children. Would I like to be married? ABSOLUTELY!!! I love the idea of spending the rest of my life with someone who wants to be with me. Is it going to happen anytime soon? I don’t know!  It would be great within the next several years to be married but, no rush.

My face when I’m confused.

I’m just trying to live my life full of experience, travel and adventures that I can tell later on.

Is anyone else in this situation or has gone through this? Let me know what you did to move forward.


~ Alyssa G





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