Task Rabbit the Real Deal

Ello everyone!

I know I didn’t really post anything in February, my bad. I had an awesome work experience at the end of February working with this D.C production group. Don’t know if I can tell you exactly what we were doing, but I was a production assistant and it was one of the best experiences as a production assistant can go.


As much as I love freelance and how much I could make with it, it’s still not enough to be livable by, so I signed up for Task Rabbit. I had actually signed up for Task Rabbit way back in July when I was let go by my other contract job. I had completely forgotten about it,  until I got a “Congratulations” email in my mailbox saying I was approved to be a Tasker.

Now Task Rabbit is a site where people can hire other people to do simple or complex tasks for them. They can entail shopping, pickup and delivery, furniture assembly, plumbing, handyman, mowing the lawn, cleaning…ALL SORTS OF TASKS.

Now when you are going through the application for the first time, you actually get to choose what kind of task you are interested and how much you want to get paid for each task you do. They have a scale for what the $$$ is like in your area you choose to work in, different categories for you to choose which task you like and what to put down in each description for the task. Going through the application for the first time can be pretty intimidating, especially if you don’t want to fill out all the options and write descriptions for everything.

Once you send in your applications, you then take a test that you can take as many times as you like until you get everything correct. I know I had to take it twice before I got everything correct. Once you application is sent, then you wait ( It took 4 months for me to get approved). Once approved you go to an orientation with 2 people for Task Rabbit HQ and they go over in complete detail how to use a “Tasker App” (only available to you through a special link from T.R. HQ), how to act in the chat room with clients, how money and payment work, and many more details to help you succeed as a Tasker.

I was approved in November and have been tasking ever since. I don’t make a whole lot of money, but it is nice side money that helps with gas and other things. This is really great for me  since I freelance on the side and can do task rabbit as well. I do travel a lot outside my area since it’s not very active where I live, but in the bigger towns around me have more options for me to go and do tasks.

Has anyone of you have thought about being a tasker? Go right ahead! It’s great side money that can really help you out and you get to do tasks that you like to do.

xox0  Alyssa G



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