Sisters Pre-Review


Amy Poehler and Tina Fey created this film called sisters. Could you imagine anything better? I couldn’t and it helps that they are best friends/sisters to one another. 🙂

This movie was directed by Jason Moore who you might remember as doing the first Pitch Perfect movie.

The lovable cast inside this film are obviously: Amy Poehler – Maura Ellis, Tina Fey – Kate Ellis, John Cena – Himself, Maya Rudolph – Brinda, John Leguizamo – Dave, Ike Barinholtz – James, Madison Davenport – Hayley, Brain d’Aray James – Jerry and Dan Byrd – Patrick Campbell.

The main the point of this film is that Kate (Tina) wants to help her older sister Maura (Amy) to get back into the game with the boys with throwing an awesome and epic house party before their parents sell the house.  I think the moral of the story is pretty much you can always count on your sister to be there for ya, no matter what.

Some cool fact you might not have know is:

  1. The writer of this movie Paula Pell actually wrote the sisters role just for Tina and Amy.
  2. This is the 3rd movie that Tina and Amy have starred in with each other.
  3. Amy plays the older sister but in reality, Tina is actually 1 year older than Amy.

I’m really excited to see this film  because Amy and Tina are comedy gold. When they are together they make everyone laugh and I love it. This film also looks like a fun movie to see with friends or even your sister if you all have one. I have a brother so I know he won’t see this. LOL

Well that’s it for this pre-review. Are you guys excited for this film? I know it comes out the same days as STARWARS!!! So if Starwars is all sold out, then maybe pop into this film for a good laugh.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think.Also check out my movie madness on Starwars on Friday Dec 18th on my youtube channel (pinkygthatsme).

xoxo  Alyssa G


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