Pixels Review

Hey everyone!

So I recently saw Pixels on Netflix and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.

Now when Pixels was showing off their trailers, I was a bit skeptical of how legit this movie was going to be. I mean when I first saw the trailer, ย I kind of though it was all a joke. I didn’t think it was a real movie. Then when it came out in theaters I was like ” Oh shit! This was REAL!”

I am so happy I finally saw it. I’m a huge fan of Adam Sandler already and I think he is super funny, and he sort of reminds me of my dad ๐Ÿ˜€ Also Peter Dinklage is in this movie and I’ve ALWAYS had a crush on him ๐Ÿ™‚ Josh Gad was wonderful in this, but the whole entire time of the film all I could do is picture Olaf when he would speak. I couldn’t help it! It’s hilarious!

This movie was pretty much about Nerds becoming the superheroes because they were the only one who knew how to defeat these evil video games that came to life. Can I just say, I loved the Centipede game when I was little. I use to play that game all the time at my late grandparents house in my uncle’s room. ย I was okay at Pac-Man, but Centipede was my shit.

The writing in this film with Kevin James and Adam Sandler were gold. Add in some Peter and screaming Josh and everything was just incredibly funnier. I was really shocked at how much I was laughing through out the entire film. I’m glad this film was more than I expected.

Qbert11OH MY GOD!! Q*BERT was the cutest little guy ever!!! He was like a small lil dog! I loved him and really wish they could make a plushy of him and you can push a button and he would make noises โค

Is that a lil to much? Oh well!

Have any of you guys seen Pixels? What did you all think? Was there any references that you guys didn’t get? Let me know in the comments below. Talk to ya soon guys!

xoxo Alyssa G


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