Pre Review on Victor Frankenstein

Hi everyone! It’s been a while, I now, but some awesome movies are coming out this end of the year and unfortunately I won’t be able to do all the Movie Madness for all those videos.  What are Movie Madness? They are my Youtube video series where I talk about movies I really like or want to see and give everyone small little ted bits of the films.

Victor Frankenstein comes out Today! November 25th!

The director of this film is Paul  McGuigan  who is known for his work in : Lucky Number Slevin, Push, Wicked Part, and Gangster #1.

The main cast we see inside this are Daniel Radcliffe as Igor, James McAvoy as Victor Frankenstein, Jessica Brown Findlay as Lorelei, Bronson Webb as Rafferty and Andrew Scott as Inspector Turpin.

The main plot of this amazing film is pretty much the darker story of Victor Frankenstein  and how he created his monster. This film version is a bit different from other version of the film, because it’s actually all told from Igor’s perspectives.

Some cool facts that you all may not have know  inside this film. Fun fact #1: Daniel actually had to get hair extensions for this role since he did not want to wear a wig and he didn’t have enough time to let his hair grow out. Unfortunately, that meant for Daniel that he had to have his hair like this the entire time for filming  (around 5 months).

Fun Fact #2: Kenneth Branagh , Helen Bonham Carter and Robert Hardy were all in the last major Frankenstein movie, consequently, they also all appeared in the Harry Potter series as well.

Fun Fact #3:  One of the characters names in this version of Frankenstein is Dr. Clive. In one of the original Frankenstein (1931) the Colin Clive actually played Victor Frankenstein. Cool and a bit freaky huh?

I’m super excited about this movie coming out because it looks really good! The whole special effects, action and monster! Another big plus is hat Daniel Radcliffe is in it and I just adore everything he is in. My heart will forever belong to him.

Anyways, let me know if any one of you are excited to see this film.  Talk to you soon guys!


Alyssa G


(F.Y.I Most of my information is all from IMDB.)

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