My New York Adventure

Hey everyone!

Wow, I didn’t think I would be so busy doing small projects here and there and everywhere. IT’S BEEN CRAZY, but so good. 😉

Well some of you might have noticed ( if you follow me on Instagram) I took a cool break in NY almost a month ago. It was my first time there, and let me tell ya, I did everything I wanted to do in just 3 days! Yea, you might be thinking, ” 3 days! Thats not a lot of time.” Well you are correct, because it wasn’t but I didn’t know when the next time I was going to be in NY, so I made sure I did as much as I could! The best part was, I wasn’t alone. My good friend Annie came along with me, as she wanted to be in NY for her B-Day, so we went. Also, one of my other good friends moved to NY once she graduated from Harvard, and has been dying for me to come out to her new home! I must say, New York, is definitely a place to be.

Where am I going? On a super cool mission!! #fun #excited #new #adventure

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9.23.15 – Day 1: Travel Time 

I spent the night with Annie at her house , so we both be really close to the airport in the morning. Our flight was at 8:00 am, so we had to be at the airport at 6 something. We had some breakfast ( egg and bacon bagel sandwich) and then waited for our flight. From SFO – DEN (Denver), we had an hour in half to get onto our next flight. Now in this hour in a half, our next flight was already boarding, so practically, Annie and I had just enough time to get off the plane, pee and get on a plane again. Luckily this time, Annie and I sat next to each other, so that was cool. Once we landed in NY, it was roughly 6pm, so not only are we tired but we were starving. Once we got into a cab at LaGuardia, (OMG!! Cab drivers are the scariest drivers EVER!!! Holy shit!) This guy just drove up, down, switched lanes and merged like a psycho! We got to our location for $60 but man!!

We stayed in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn, because it was the cheapest and Airbnb found us a nice little place close enough to the subway. I liked the place and it sort of reminds me of a Mexican/ Chinese section in a town. Once we got to our place, we got ready, and headed out. We actually took an Uber to Manhattan, and got to this cool place Bodega Negra. It was a really hip/busy and dark Mexican restaurant. The food and drinks were incredible & super spicy!  We even got this cool dessert where the chocolate ball is melted with hot caramel syrup. It was cool looking and very delicious. Once we were done with dinner, we decided to walk around and try to make it to Times Square. Well after walking for several blocks, we realized that we went the wrong way and were much farther away from Times Square than we were originally. So we deiced to take the subway back and got lost on there too. Once we figured out the right train to take, we were forced off the subway because there was a fire on the tracks. Pretty much it took us forever to get back to Brooklyn, bit it was okay. WE WERE IN NY!

9.24.15 Day 2: Be the Tourist

Waking up in NY/Brooklyn was a surreal moment for me. I was truly blessed to have just be there and be off on an adventure. The first thing I wanted to do was to HAVE A BAGEL! Oh boy. Now I know why everyone talks about NY bagels. I just had a plain bagel and butter on it & WOW! It was so good and very yummy! We then headed off to the Brooklyn Bridge! Now, getting there was easy, but I had thought we were going to get to the bridge from the Brooklyn Side and walk across it to Manhattan. But we actually got to the bridge from the Manhattan side. 😀 Oh well, we actually got lost trying to get to the bridge part. I let Annie do the directions and we walked pasted the bridge all the way down to Wall Street. LOL. We also saw the Trinity Church as well, which I think was were the Pope (he was in NY at the same time) was going to be. I wasn’t too sure.

Once we got to the bridge, took pictures, we walked over to the World Trade Center Memorial. As we were walking off the bridge, we heard a New Yorker yell, “Get of the bridge, I’m riding here!” It was awesome! I remember the day the Twin Towers fell and ever since that day, I had this urge to go to the memorial area and pay my respects. Wow. I knew the Twin Towers were tall and big, but once you get to the base of the water fall, “HOLY SHIT!” it’s big.  It was beautiful, sad and just an overwhelming sense of remembering what happened that day. What I loved about the names on the stones for all those who died, they were hallowed out so you can put a rose inside the name.  Beautiful!! I really wanted to go inside the museum, but the museum for the world trade center was closed due to the Pope. I wasn’t to happy about that, so Annie and I went off to find food. After walking in a big circle 3 times Annie and I finally found Shake ShakeShake Shack


I love good food, and Shake Shake was super good!! There buns on their burgers were amazing, the fries where better than anything I’ve had and the milkshakes were to die for! I had a coffee one 😉  I was so happy we got to eat there. After lunch, we made our way too go further down to try and see the Statue of Liberty. Now, I didn’t want to go on a boat and see it in person, I just wanted to see/ take a picture of it and be off. Well by the time we got there, our feet were hurting so we took a nice long break at Battery Park, and then just took some pictures of Liberty from were we were. I had honestly thought she would be much closer, but at least I got to see her.  After our longish break at the park, we headed up to Times Square. Wow. Just WOW! The thing is I wasn’t too impressed with it at first. I didn’t feel like I was in Times Square until we walked further down the strip and we saw the intersection that is known for Times Square. Also the performers who dress up and take pictures with you are little punks!!

They come up to you, take your camera and phone, take pictures and then ask for the money. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! I didn’t want your picture! I just wanted a picture of the area. Screw you! I gave them $5 to fight over and walked away. I was pissed. They also get really creepy close to you. I was just insulted by them to ask me for money, when THEY CAME UP TO ME TO TAKE PICTURES. Screw them! I was incredibly made, luckily after getting out of that mess we walked more and more around and it was really cool and everything. We found the theatre that Wicked was playing at and bought our tickets for the next night to come and see it. 😀 I was so excited!!! I almost cried right there. After making our way back home, my stomach was really hurting and I just felt like I could really keep anything down. Annie and I didn’t get to eat until almost 10pm when we went to Sweet Science in Brooklyn.  It was very yummy! Annie had to much bourbon that night so lets just say she slept wonderfully till the next day. 😉

9.25.15 Day 3: Shopping & Wicked

Friday was fun! I made Annie and I both get up early so we can beat the rush to go to the Empire State Building.  Now Annie thought we were going to take a picture of it and then leave. (She so silly!) I said no, we are going to the top (86th floor) to over look Manhattan. I was super excited and a cool thing with the Empire State Building, there is this experience ride you get to take before you take the elevators up to the top. I loved the experience ride! It was like one of those moving rides in Disney, where you sit down and your whole chair moves! SO MUCH FUN! Annie didn’t like the idea at all. Once the ride was over (Side note: the narrator for the ride was Kevin Bacon!!! ❤ ) we made our way through all the historical plates and into the elevators. OMG!! Seeing Manhattan from this high was beautiful!  From every angle New York was just magnificent! I took my time going around every inch and taking as many pictures as I can.  For being early in the morning, there was already a lot of people at the top. I didn’t mind, except for when they closed off a section for the girl and there was tons of pictures being taken by the paparazzi. I was a little pissed that I couldn’t get out from where I was, and had to go all the way around just to get to the exit elevator. That was no fun.

After the Empire, Annie found us a cute little place near by fro brunch! We were cutting closer to their lunch hour servings, so Annie and I got the very last bits of breakfast. I loved all the food I got, pancakes with fruit compote, hash-browns, toast, eggs and bacon. We also had Mimosa’s as well 🙂 Annie wasn’t too happy that they ran out of French toast (It was the most popular item). After a yummy breakfast, we went shopping in Harold’s Square! This is of course after we spent 30 mins trying to find a bathroom for me :/. The Macy’s in New York was incredibly huge!!! You can get lost and still not be able to find your way out. Annie and I shopped at H&M (it was 3 levels!!), Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters. For only 3 stores, it took up a good portion of the day.  We wanted to get some rest before we had to come back to see Wicked, so we stopped by a pizza place to FINALLY get New York pizza. OMFG!!!! BEST FREAKIN PIZZA EVER!!!! If I could I would have pizza every freakin day in New York! 😀


Once we got back home, Annie and I crashed for about an hour before we had to get ready to head out again. My feet were killing me at this point. (Now I know, just wear my walking shoes.) After we rested, we headed our way back to Times Square (Gershwin Theatre is right by it) which we were already 10 mins late into the play. To everyone who knows me, knows that I HATE BEING LATE FOR ANYTHING. I have really bad panic attacks when I do and let’s just say I was having one big one as we were trying to make our way to the theatre. Once we got into our seats, I was in EVERYTHING ABOUT WICKED WAS MAGICAL AND AMAZING! I cried after the intermission. Annie didn’t expect me to get so emotional. It was a dream come true to see Wicked on Broadway. ❤ ❤ It seriously was the best part of my trip. After the show, we got some drinks and then headed back to Brooklyn. There are very interesting people at 12am in Times Square.  😉

9.26.15 Day 4: Get it all in ❤

DDSaturday was our last full day in New York and I knew I could still get everything in! Annie and I went to Central Park first this day, and it was magnificent. I love Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, but Central Park is in it’s own level of beauty. This huge park, that not only had a race going on, but was setting up for the free concert later that day. On our way over to the park, we stopped and got some Duncan Donuts. DD is like our Starbucks over in California, it’s everywhere in New York, I want to even say there were more D.D. than Starbucks. I really liked it, especially in the morning 🙂 At the park we saw some performers, beautiful statues, open grassy fields and the water fountain in Gossip Girl 🙂 If I could, I would have us at the park for a full day, but soon it was getting closer to the lunch date Ha and I had planned to meet. Ha was the main reason I went to New York.

  1. To see her
  2. See a broadway show
  3. Taste the pizza
  4. See New York and what it offers ❤

Ha & I

We made it to this cute pizza place and I finally got to see HA!!! 😀 I was so happy to see her in NY and for her to finally meet Annie! Happiness was being in that pizza place for an hour 🙂 Ha agreed with Annie when we were talking about how much we were still doing today, but I knew we could get everything in! 😀 I loved catching up with Ha and just talking with her and Annie. The fun soon ended when Ha had to leave and Annie and I headed off towards the Grand Central Station. ❤ ❤ To this day, Kings Cross Station in London is still the best train station ever, but Grand Central Station was magnificent and a close 2nd in my book. Once we figured out where to get on a certain train, we headed up towards Central Park again, but this time we went to the Metropolitan Museum a.k.a The Met Steps in Gossip Girl. Hot Dog Time!

I finally had a hot dog on the steps, and yes, I did go into the museum. HOLY MOLY!! The Met was exquisite, large and super crowded for a Saturday. I was in “LaLa Land” for about an hour and a half.. maybe 2.. I don’t remember how long I was in there. I was in the gift shop ready to leave when I completely forgot that Van Gough was here!!! I immediately ran up the stairs to find his art and soon enough I did. Beautiful! I was hoping for “Starry Night” to be here, but then I remembered that it was at the Louvre in France. I did take a picture with Van Gough’s self portrait. 🙂

Annie didn’t last very long in the museum, so after we finished at the Met, we walked into the park again and saw this huge ass line for the “Free Concert“. Wow, the bands were already playing (I totally could hear Cold Play rocking out) when we were walking by. It was crazy, but cool to see. After we walked all the way over to the street, I thought we had made our way across the park, but instead we just made a big circle. Ugh! I didn’t like that part, so Annie and I got into a Uber and made our way to Chelsea Market where the High-Line was. This was something else on my bucket list I wanted to go to ever since I saw Danny Duncan go to it on his YouTube Channel.  I absolutely loved walking on this old subway line that was converted into a green park. At the very end of the line, you could see the harbor, which I think over looks into New Jersey. I didn’t really know, but it was beautiful, because we got there as the sun was setting. After our walk, we made it back to Chelsea, where Annie wanted to go to Burlington to find a suitcase for her belongings. 🙂 We then we went gift shopping , or well i wanted to go gift shopping for people and then we headed off to Dinner in Times Square once again.

I think we went to Times Square 3 times in this trip, which I didn’t mind! However, I don’t think we should have gone to Dallas BBQ at almost 12am for dinner :/ Oops. It reminded me of Texas Roadhouse, but not as good. I felt sick half way through dinner and couldn’t finish it. Once we got back home, we finished packing and went straight to bed, because we had a semi-early flight to too in the morning.

9.27.15 Day 5: Goodbye New York ❤

Last NY YumsWaking up in the morning wasn’t so bad, my stomach still hurt from the night before, but I think I was more hungry. Annie and I both went back to Sunset Bagels where we first ate New York bagels when we got here. To me, it hit the spot perfectly with the Yahoo Chocolate milk. 🙂 Then it was time to get into our Uber and go off to JFK for our flight. Annie wasn’t feeling good at all still, and it didn’t help that it took her a while to even get checked in. Once we passed security and all the scans, we waited for our plane to board.  For our plane back to LAX, we got free TV & movies, which surprised me, since in United, it usually cost something to even watch anything. I think it might have been because the Pope was flying out at the same time as we were and we had to wait a little bit to take off. I didn’t mind, because I got to watch Cinderella and the Avengers: age of Ultron.

We eventually made it back to SFO, and Annie and I parted ways to go home. I actually meet something who recognized me from high school on BART. It was really cool and sort of scary, because I couldn’t place how I knew him, but I knew it was from Irvington. There was a big festival happening in S.F the day I came back, so there were lots of people on BART. Around 7:3ish or 8pm I finally made it back home to my family. 🙂 ❤

Newyork-Annie&INew York was an amazing trip, and I’m glad Annie came with me. I was so happy and blessed to have gone to such an amazing city and have the greatest experience while I was there. I was very pleased to finally see one of my best friends in New York and eat all the food New York has to offer. I was also very proud of myself for getting everything that was on my bucket list that I wanted to do, while I was there. I don’t know when I will be back to N.Y. but I know I will have another bucket list to achieve when I’m there again.

NY-NightSkylineI have always said that I will never live in New York because I never saw the appeal; however, being there for just a few days and living/ breathing in everything that is New York, I can finally say that I am wrong. If I ever did get a chance to come and do some work in New York, I would be happy to go. Hopefully when it’s not snowing! 😀

Thanks New York for an amazing trip. I shall be back in you someday.

~ Alyssa G

P.S. Have anyone of you been to New York? Did you like it? What should I see when I go there next! Let me know.


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