The Theory of Everything Review

The Theory of Everything

Theory of Everything Review

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I have been on here! Been watching quite a lot of movies recently on Netflix and wanted to talk about them with yea!!  Have you all seen “The Theory of Everything”?

Well I got to see it a few weeks ago and OMG!!! I can now see why Eddie Redmayne won the lead actor in the Oscars this year. He was absolutely incredible!! Now I knew of Stephen Hawking’s, but I never knew about his life. If fact, I thought he was born the way he was. I never in a millions years thought that he fell and everything sort of spiraled down for him physically. Mentally his brain zoomed off into the universe which is why he is one of the many and best physicist ever!

But let’s get into the movie review shall we?

 This film is a biography of the great Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane Wilde. Through Stephan’s terminal illness, he soars with his mind and with science, while being in love with Jane. Through the years with them being together, 3 children in all, Stephen’s body collapse more and more, reducing him to his chair. We see the testament of love and science and what comes with fame, brilliance and disability.

Eddie Redmayne – Stephen Hawking!

Brilliance is a word to describe the emotions and physicality that Eddie put into this character. Before filming, he did meet with Stephen Hawking’s for 3 hours..having Hawking only saying 8 sentences with those hours. Eddie meticulously found ways to be Hawking without prying the man himself on who he was. He researched how and when each body part decayed/collapse on Hawking. Eddie took ballet classes to control his body and physically stayed like that for hours on end, causing him to realign his spine at the end of the movie. TALK ABOUT DEDICATION! Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne created Stephen Hawking into how he saw him deteriorate, but in such a beautiful and emotional view that in the end, his mind was still as beautiful and young as his personality. We see the struggle that we could only presume that Hawking went through when he couldn’t control his body no more. The pain, frustrations and anger that his mind could come up with such brilliant equations that change the world, yet he can’t even move his head or eat without choking. In this film Eddie, provided us with an intimate life of such a  great man and how he was with not just his children, but to the wife he married. Their love for each other might have died, but the emotions of life in itself can overcome even the strongest of people. Eddie really gave a performance of a lifetime in which, even Stephen Hawking himself approves. Brilliance. Just brilliance.

Felicity Jones – Jane Hawking

Felicity Jones Undeniable love and strength describes Jane Hawking. Felicity is the embodiment of Jane who we see enthrall and envision throughout the movie. Felicity showed us the ability to love over every obstacle and how in the darkest of times, we can also count on her to believe in your soul mate. She created the rope of support for Hawking and was most definitely his life line for years as his body collapsed on him. Felicity emotions and true strength provided us, a look into the love that Jane Hawking had for her husband and believing in his mind and theories. She knew he was a great wonder to the world and did everything she could to keep him here, not just for her but her their children, their friends/family and the scientific community. Love is beautiful. Love in endless.

While there is life, there is hope – Stephan Hawking

Watching this movie and seeing Eddie and Felicity play such beautiful characters, were magnificent. The ending of the movie which I did not know in real life, actually happened so it was a bit heartbreaking to watch and yes… I got teary eyed. If any one of you get to see this film, please in the comments below let me know what you think. I was in love watching it, and will watch it again and again once I get the DVD.


   Alyssa G


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