Project Imagination Trailer


Hey everyone!

So at the beginning of this month I sent in my small 1 minute trailer for Canon’s “Project Imagination Trailer” where if your one minute trailer gets chosen, then it will be made into a small short film starring Josh Hutchinson. You also get to work with Ron Howard as well! 🙂 Yea thats exciting!

We won’t know the finalist until today May27th (I didn’t make it ) and then the winner will be announced sometime in June. Everything will be shot during the July and August months, if won and then it will premier at the end or bringing of next year. EXCITING! 

Well I was sort of a little late to the canon project and I actually shot everything in one and half hours at a empty park. We call it Hobo Jungle because there are still Hobos who live in it as well. They are nice if you don’t bother them. 🙂 It was suppose to be an experiment trailer where someone is haunted by their past and must confront his demons before they destroy him. 

My original plans for the canon project was going to be a supernatural suspension story of a basement being the gates to hell and having a demon playing tricks on the people who live in a house. Unfortunately I couldn’t get into my friends house to do it in time :/ Oh well maybe next time.

I think it would be cool if I were a finalist and everything, but since I started late in the game, I didn’t get picked. 

Did any of you do the Project Imagination and were you a finalist? Let me know in the comments below! Talk to you later, Byes! 


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