T.V. Shows That I Watch

Ello everyone!

I watch a lot of television, but usually I record the shows and watch them at a later time because who has time for commercials. NO ONE!

Here are  the shows I watch:

Game of Thrones

Once Upton a Time






Find Carter

The Royals (Love this new Show)

The Big Bang Theory

American Horror Story (during the season)

Rizzoli & Isles




NCIS: New Orleans (Sometimes but not always)

Lizzie Borden Chronicles

So for that is all the shows. I know I want to get into Penny Dreadful (My dad said I would like it) and there is a show I think on lifetime where its a documentary style of Marilyn Monroe. I would love to watch that.

What are some the shows you all are watching? Any others I should keep my eye out on?

Let me know in the comments below, I will talk to you all laters Byes!

xoxo Alyssa G. 


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