Insurgent Movie Review

Insurgent PosterEllo everyone! 


I must say, the special effects on this movie just shot it out of the park! It was magnificent and seeing Tris fight herself as well was great! I throughly enjoyed watching the movie. I know several fans are not really upset but they notice the difference in the story, especially at the end of the movie. I actually had to go back and sort of re-read that last 2 chapters to figure out how much different is really was.


So in the move at the end we see someone shoot another person but in the book we don’t see this person die or at least not yet. (I have a feeling I should re-read this series again.) Also in the book it ends with the video of the person saying Divergence are necessary to society to begin transitioning into the real world. In the movie everyone hears and see’s that message but then all go towards the fence and it opens up.  

I think the movie version did it well to transition from one scene to the next to keep the plot going and moving with the action scenes. 

BUT there were a few scenes where I really hoped they shot and will have in the DVD extras.

Amity FactionFor example:

Tris on Amity Serum (Happy Serum) 

This was one of my favorite little bits of Tris as she get too much serum because she fought with Peter and then goes and finds Tobias , who just seemed so confused of whats going on with his GF. 

Tobias fights Marcus

I was also hoping we could see this scene where now the Dauntless question Tobias’s leadership and don’t know where they stand as they are fugitives. This was Tobias’s way of showing that no matter what Marcus does, he isn’t afraid of him anymore and will do anything to show it. And it just showed the Tobias is a kick ass person and to not my fucked with.Candor Faction

In all everything in this film was magnificent and I can’t wait to get that 2 or 3 disc special addition to where we will see all the extras, interviews and evens scenes that they might have shot and couldn’t get into the movie. Seriously though all the special effect in this film were beyond amazing. Through the different fear landscapes that Tris had to do, the action scenes with Dauntless and Erudite ,  and the overall all sense of urgency and transition to what could be a new society were AMAZING!!! 

Erudite Faction

If you haven’t yet seen this film, please go do it or read these amazing books! Veronica Roth is magnificent with words and this story she brought to life in the books capture you so effortlessly that you literally feel like you are one of these character right along side Tris and everyone. 

Well that’s all i have for you guy. Let me know what other movie reviews you would like to see? Comment down below 😀

xoxo Alyssa G


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  1. I loved Insurgent the movie! And when i come to think about it, I also wish those scenes were in the movie. Before the movie came out, i always pictured Tris under the Amity Serum. I also hope they put it in the extras!! 😉 🙂


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