Camping: First Timer

About two week ago, I went legit camping for the first time. When I mean legit, I mean camping in a tent, cook food on a grill thingy and potty in a sketchy out house. ( I don’t potty in a hole in the woods. Sorry, No!)

My mom hates camping so I never went when I was little and so now (age 23) I can finally say I have gone camping. I went to De Valle right outside of Livermore to camp with my cousins , and they have all been in girls scouts, 2 completed & 1 still involved, so they know how to CAMP!

They had practically everything we needed, tent, propane, grill, food to eat, bug spray, wood, EVERYTHING! I was very impressed and was happy that if anything happened to us, I know we could survive because I seriously think if we ever had an apocalypse they wood survive. (Side Note: They also had handy dandy legal camping knifes…for the most part.) Setting up the tent was not to bad, but if I were to do it with other people…I feel like we would have just slept in our cars. Haha 

We all had time once the tent was up and all of our camp gear was inside, to go off and hang out by the lake. Now my cousins all wanted me to go kayak with them and I love  the water and everything but for some weird reason I have a slight fear of a kayak. To me, if I were to flip over in one..I would be absolutely terrified that I wouldn’t be able to get back up and I would drown right there. Yeah I know crazy, but it could happen especially with me. Unfortunately, we were 7 days too early for kayak and paddle board season so we couldn’t do that. Instead we just hung out by the lake and talked. There might have been a splash war but hey.. when is there not!

After a few hours, we got hungry so we went back, got comfy clothes on and started cooking, My lord, these girls knew there shit. They had the food up and going with foil and fire, little camping utensils, plates, cups, and even brought a little washing tube for everything. Seriously, if I were to live out in the woods, I would do it with them. Once we got the cooking done and eating (which was carne asada) we cleaned up a little and started to get ready for S’MORES!!! S’mores are a guilty pleasure of mine and I must say they were the bomb! I love marshmallows so I liked to make a marshmallow cookie sandwitches with no chocolate 😀 DELICIOUS!

After a while of eating and then cleaning, we all got a little bit more cold and decided to head into the tent where we played this game” Would you rather” on there iPad. It was fun but it wasn’t to long before we got tired and fell asleep. I was prepared for the cold and to bring ear plugs (I hate snoring) so I was quite comfortable and actually didn’t mind the blistering wind. Supposedly there was some sort of animal near our tent that night but I didn’t hear or feel anything so poo. I think one of the greatest things about camping is not only spending time with awesome people, eating great food and fires with s’mores, but waking up in the morning to see the sun rise. I could have done without the freezing cold, but the morning was pretty.

All in all camping was super fun and I would totally do it again! I would just make sure I had my cousins to come because lets be honest, I would have starved and most likely die with out them. 

What have been some of your favorite camping trips? Let me know in the comments down below! 😀


      Alyssa G


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