“The Royals” My New Favorite Show

Ello everyone!

I know it has been a a few weeks since I posted but I just recently finished catching up with a new show that I think will become my new favorite. Now I have a few favorite shows that I can list at another time, but a new show that has been on the rave ever since it premiered has been “The Royals”. 

I just watched all three episodes since it has premiered and I can not get enough of it. I think this show will be my new GOSSIP GIRL show, which I was very much into and could not get enough of.ElizabethHurley

1) Elizabeth Hurley as the Queen of England is just a magnificent choice! She plays it so well and with such perfection that I really don’t see anyone else ever in her part. Also her character on Gossip Girl was also very much in power and spotlight so it was pretty much a match made in heaven. 

Alexandra ParkSpeaking of heaven, the Princess Eleanor who is played by Alexandra Park is EVERYTHING! 1). She and Elizabeth Hurley do look very familiar in the face and the way they talk is incredible similar. 2) She has the best lines and outfits on the show. Her overall character is to pretty much piss of her mother…the QUEEN OF ENGLAND. It is wonderful.

What I also like is there is one American chic who so happened to be on one of my other favorite shows before it was cancelled and we were left with not knowing what happened to the characters. (Yes I’m talking about Ravenswood), is Merritt Patterson who plays the character Ophelia. She was okay in Ravenswood but in this show, YES! Love the backfire and attitude she has. Also she has the American Accent to bring in the mix of all these British people. Ophelia

I am obsessed with this show and can’t wait to really see where these characters will take us and yes, the drama is quite exciting as well. Let me know what are some of your favorite shows you are watching and if you like The Royals? Until next time.

Alyssa G


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