College Done. Career…Next?

Ello everyone! Hows it going!
I have been asked by friends who have recently graduated, to give some advice as to how to get a head start into their respective fields of their degree.
I graduated almost 2 years ago from college with a film degree. Can I say I am in my field doing exactly as I planned? No, but I can say I’m in my field taking baby steps and learning  at ever turn and opportunity I get.  Was it difficult to even get a job in my field? ABSOLUTELY!!!!  It took me exactly 6 months after college to find a job and that all because I hustled.
Now I know some schools are able to help you out with interviews or recommendations for job positions but  there are a lot of schools where you have to go find it yourself and trust me, you will. As much help as you can get, if you are not the one pushing and motivating yourself to get out there, you going to get stuck with your your part time job you have now and not move up because your safe and you have money. (It’s never bad to have money but what about the career you want?)
I joined over 7 jobs sites, 3 internships sites and really 2 only gave me options that were closer in my fields but not all the time. I hustled and hustled and as many interviews and 2nd interviews or video chats with the company, I was rejected many times.
And thats okay.
You learn to just keep moving on and if a company wants you they will call you again or they may keep you in mind for other projects that are smaller.  I didn’t hear from the job that I am in now until 2 months later and did 1 interview with them and finally got the job.
My advice I tell everyone is trust your talents, be yourself at interviews and keep up the job hunt. Go for jobs that you know will give you a challenge and also give you learning opportunities  so you can grow. Just because jobs may not want you at this time, someone will look at you and give you that chance. It may not be in a place or a position that you ever expected to be in, but you will learn a lot about yourself and what you can do at these jobs. Trust me.
If you wish to check out some websites that could help you in the job hunt, I would definitely check out The site. They are a great site for free or if you would like , you can pay for the premium and they will help you with tons of options that are based off of your resume. Definitely check it out if you wish to find more options in your fields.
Thats all for now guys! Comment below on what advice you got when you were first starting out and whats the best thing you’ve learned?
Love you all.
XOXO Alyssa G

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