Creative Awards Show

Ello everyone! Hows it going?!

I know I still sort of suck at the blogging but since I left you guys with a cliff hanger about the Creative Awards in my last blog I just had to share what happen.

NO I did not win the award in the Student/College category, however; I still felt like I won in my own personal mind set.

Any filmmaker/artist in their field will tell you that you have truly made it when you make money or just being recognized for your work and contribution in the field. Yet, when you are just starting out and having your first film being rejected in almost 12 film festivals, that it can be really discerning. But there is a great feeling after a year and half later when you finally do get submitted into an award show and have your name publicly shared on T.V and on a website.. its amazing.ย 

Even though I did not win, 18 Cupcakes was shown on CreaTive T.V public access channel and on their website as well. If you wish to see the many winners and nominee’s you can go and check it out here.

CreaTive T.V is something I have never heard before in the Bay Area so learning about this program and learning all the benefits about CreaTive T.V was phenomenal.ย 

The whole experience felt like a mini OSCARs with a small red carpet, photographers, host of the show, entertainment (from around the Bay area), important political figures giving out speeches and acknowledgements , the whole she-bang! The show was even televised as well! Itโ€™s a good thing I wore my Cupcake dress just as I did for my senior screening. You can say it came full circle ๐Ÿ˜‰

Going through this experience and getting the chance to be showcased as a filmmaker and for my work to speak for itself is extremely hard to described in words, but the only one that comes close to it would have to be, thankful. Iโ€™m thankful for everyone who helped me get to where I am and for always being there for me.

So that was the experience of the CreaTive Award Show.ย 

Creative Award

What I want know from all of you amazing people, with your phenomenal talents, have any of you been to an award show, festival and or have been nominated or won anything in your field?

What was is like? and How did you feel?

Let me know in the comments below!

Canโ€™t wait to talk to you soon guys.

Xoxo Alyssa G.ย 


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