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How many of you went to warp tour? … Okay how many of you went to warp tour when you were in Jr. High or High school? There we go!

Well I went to Warp Tour on June 21st for the first time only because WE THE KINGS were going to be there.  If you all didn’t know I am a huge fan of WTKs! I love all their albums and all the songs. Definitely “Check Yes Juliet” was my anthem when I was younger and fell in love with the song “Skyway Avenue” later on.  I also have been following Charles Trippy on youtube for 6 years now and had started following Danny Duncan and Travis Clark when they started vlogging soon after Charles joined the band.

Charles Trippy & I <3
Charles Trippy & I ❤

I brought my friend Cassie to come with me and did we feel a little older since many of the kids there were younger than us..maybe but I did not care as I was there for one thing..WE THE KINGS!  I and made sure I followed all the band members twitters and Vans Warp Tour as well to make sure I knew when I could get to meet some of them.  And I did. 🙂

Someone actually pointed out Charles Trippy to me and when I saw him I started to tear up because I just  couldn’t believe that I was finally going to meet this wonderful person who I have watched for 6 years. So it was a big moment and he was the sweetest thing ever! Very cute in person so I must say I was  happy camper!

Travis Clark and I
Travis Clark and I
Duncan and I
Duncan and I


Then I saw Travis and I must say he is the nicest person I think on this planet! I mean when you hear about artist thanking their fans its sweet, but when you meet Travis, its like your feeling his energy and love, appreciation, and adoration for you thats its soooo over whelming, but in a good way.  I know he meets fans and he says “I love you”,  “your beautiful”, “your awesome” and to to each every one of those fans you know he means it. And thats what he did with me. At first I stood there and then I was said “OMG! Your awesome!” and then he just opened his arms up and gave me the biggest hug ever! Of course he signed my schedule and them I got a shirt form his clothing line and signed it too.  He was just amazing and I loved being in his presence! At the table with Travis was Duncan who is one of the tour managers and he is also in many of the vlogs so I also asked if I can get a picture with him. He loved it and was soo sweet! Very tall too!



Then I got to meet Danny Duncan and Lindsey Bell his girlfriend. They started the DLV (Danny in real life) on youtube and his energy and love for the world, drums, his girl, dog, friends and family is so sweet.  He is really funny and when Lindsey is involved it just makes for a good night and laugh.  When I got to the table I immediately got all loud and bubble! Lindsey was soo happy and said “Omg you have so much personality!” 😀 Danny was like ” Your awesome!” I was just thrilled and of course took pictures with them and got their autographs 🙂 They are soo amazing and to meet them was  just the topping on the cake.

Lindsey, Me, Danny = DLV <3
Lindsey, Me, Danny = DLV ❤

When it came for them to play is got super crowded and I know I was going to get squished ( I’m 4’11 people) and actually  got out from the middle of the crowd back further by the sound station. I was able to get a good spot so I can see everyone on stage which was super important to me. It was soo much fun to hear them sing and the excitement of everyone and of course my favorites was when we all were singing Check Yes Juliet!  It was fun  and so emotionally fantastic. I am so glad I decide to go and I was grateful my friend Cassie came with me. I actually got her watching Charles and all their vlogs as well 😉 I hope We The Kings comes back out to California again for another tour 🙂 It would be the best!

Pretty much this day was the best early birthday present to myself. ( My B-day was July 7).

Would you guys go to a festival just to see one band play and possible meet them? Let me  know!


Alyssa G (Pinky)


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