This is just a little quick update that I wanted to share for you all! I have been super busy. 

I mean who went xmas shopping 2 days before xmas…. me! But that was only because I was working retail constantly. ALSO! I GOT HIRED AT SHMOOP !!!!

I will have to write another blog post about Shmoop but pretty much I’m the Video Production Office Assistant.  It’s really cool and I work with 3 other awesome people. It’s some what of a big company but I work in a very small team 🙂 ITS GREAT! 

ALSO I am officially leaving Victoria Secret Pink today! Yep It’s my last day at work right before the new year. I’m super pumped and happy that I am moving on and getting baby steps closer to the bigger picture that I dream of. 

Was that too corny? Oh well who cares! I GOT A JOB IN MY FIELD! I’m very proud of myself.  Anyways will talk with you all later!  Have a happy new year!

❤ Alyssa G



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