Story of My Life

Hi everyone!

Hows it going!? I know, I didn’t post anything in November.  This past month has been a roller coaster of interviews and working retail to the brim and of course THANKSGIVING & BLACK FRIDAY.  Oh and also being with my family 🙂

BUT I’m here to tell you some news! IM STILL NOT HIRED!!!!!! … 😦

This is how it goes, I apply for a few jobs and internships, I get an interview, have a great interview either on phone or in person and I think its going great because we are all laughing and have a great time just talking. After the interview I send them a thank email for letting me spend some time with them that day and I wait anxiously for a reply back. Then I either get nothing back in return or I get the famous words that I hear often “It was a pleasure to meet you Alyssa and we loved (insert whatever they really liked about the interview with me), but we are going to go with a different candidate. Good luck in your future endeavors. ” 

And that right there has been the story of my life. It sucks at times because you really think you had a great interview and that it possibly might work out with this amazing company but then it doesn’t and you are left working your magic once again for the job pool. 

I feel like all those children at the reaping in the Hunger Games when Effie say “May the odds ever be in your favor” as if my odds for my future depends on me getting picked but instead of fighting for the death its fighting for a job. 

Anyways that is what has been on my mind and if any of you have any similar experience with this comment on it and share your story as well. I love hearing other peoples troubles as well as my own…. okay that sounds weird but what ever.  

See ya.

Alyssa G.


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