Rejection = Motivation

Hi Everyone!

Hows it going? Well as you all can tell from my title, I’m just in the mood to tell you what I have been up too.. and trying to get into.  

Now that I have graduated from college with my awesome degree,  its time to find that awesome place or places that will let me work for them 🙂 But unfortunately it is coming to that realization that not everybody NEEDS me. 

What do I do or can do for you? Well everyone always needs minions to help organize and keep things together on projects or in offices and even in daily life. And that can be me! I can organize, schedule, keep on track, use social media, intern do whatever you need me to do so other peoples jobs are easier to handle and we can all get shit done 😉

I am like a helper, or in film terms a P.A, Production Manager. My goal is to be a Director, 1st A.D  and even a on screen journalist (like E- News Reporter).

And thats what I am shooting for, though then there is a problem that I have been coming up to and that’s EVERYONE WANTS EXPERIENCE. Well the problem for me is that many places won’t take my college experience as official experience and then I’m left in the dust. Poo.

But as a apply and apply for P.A, interns (paid and no paid), freelance and administrative positions I seem to get that lovely rejection call, email or in face rejection. It’s a bummer and sometimes it brings more questions that answers as to why I am not getting hired.

HOWEVER!!!!! That doesn’t mean I am going to dwell on it. The more people say No, the more it brings fire to my fuel. Its MOTIVATION!!!!  Motivation to know that I have thick skin. Motivation to know that I can push myself and keep applying for positions even if it’s not what I would like to do but it can bring me the experience professionally and help me network my name to everyone. It’s motivation to know that no matter what happens, I am going to make it in the business. Even if it take me my whole life I will do what I want to do. And thats creating visual stories in film and television and having a blast doing it. 

If anybody else is having the job rejection grind, let me know your troubles and maybe we can give each other new tips and tricks.  Have a good one everyone 

❤ Alyssa G (Pinky)


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