Final Pieces = Stress like a Mother!

Ello there everyone!

I know! I’m writing again! It’s crazy! Maybe the world is coming to an end. :/

Just keeping you all up to date on whats going on with my Senior Film! And its ALMOST DONE!!!! yes!!!! However, it has been a stressful ride in Post. I mean nothing really bad actually happened, it was more of opinions that were said on my film from an instructor that…well she was giving me a grade so I had to listened even if her point on a few things weren’t what I was going for inside my film. For 11 weeks it as a battle but I do have picture lock! (BTW Picture Lock if any of you don’t know is when the film is at its final edit…so there will be no changes to it anymore!)

Also my composition and sound design are just right at the edge of finishing but are not there just yet and I also need to have my color correction done as well. Thats a whole other task!  I shall be graduating in around 8 weeks so that means everything in my portfolio must be done, my branding and well everything connected to me must be completed…..dear lord have mercy.

A friend of mine told me “Why are we not drunk right now? In my last quarter I was drunk all the time! Lets go!”  I think drinking might become a nice little social thing …for every class. Ugh thank you College for making the stress levels rise far above then what they need to be.

Well that’s all I have to say! I hope you all have a lovely night. 

P.S Here is a photo from the behind the camera of 18 Cupcakes! Image



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