2nd Day of Shooting 18 Cupcakes

Ello everyone!

Guess what! I’m shooting tomorrow!!!!! yay!

Well this is a 2nd day of my shooting. But let me tell yea how my first day of shooting was. It was amazing!  We had shot at this beautiful dance studio in San Francisco which just so happened to be right next to my school. It was just too perfect, but even perfect as it was, it may have still caused us some problems.

The building we were in was an older building so we could not bring in a tons of lighting gear and to even get on the 5th floor we had to be brought up by a manual elevator shaft. Then there was this sort of miscommunication on how much gear we actually needed at the place, so we had more than necessary.  But it was all good. We got to take most of the gear back to the school. 😀

The next 3 hours we shot 2 scenes out of three and I was able to get my title sequence and Audition scene done. It looks soo amazing. And now tomorrow I am shooting my 3 other scenes inside the house. I’m super excited and we are going to have 18 CUPCAKES!!!!! HOME MADE CUPCAKES from my mother.  😀

Tomorrow shall be super fun and exciting. I know I’m shooting a Drama but with my cast I know we are going to have a blooper reel some how.

well I hope you all have a good night and keep up with some of my next few shoots for my senior.

xoxoxo Alyssa G


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