Ello everyone!

Hows it been! I know it must have been extremely hard to want to know what has been going on with my senior film 18 CUPCAKES!  Well I am pleased to tell you that I am shooting my very first scene tomorrow or well technically today and I’m super excited!

I know I wished I could have kept you all more in the loop. It is a lot harder to try and blog when your always on the go or when you are doing homework. I find it difficult, but it is now a challenge I shall take on. 

But for everyone who has been praying and following me, IM SHOOTING MY SENIOR FILM! I’m super DUPER excited! I can’t know for sure that everything will go completely smooth but hey, every production has their little bumps.  All I know is that it’s going to be exciting and I just can’t wait to get on to set and be there in the moment. 

If you want to follow me on Instagram where I post my production or well some production photos come follow me! = alyssaglidewell

Otherwise have a good day and let their be more blogs to come 😀


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