18 Cupcakes Updates!

Ello everyone!

I know its been a while but I did say I would try to at least comment once a month. So here is my September  issue! 

So lets start off with, I do have a locked script! So that’s all good!. I did have my first rounds of auditions which were great! only 2 people I think didn’t show up and I had found my lead and supporting actress. Now all I need is the mother character.

I am still looking for a Dance Studio in the city so my D.P and I will be checking out some tomorrow. Hopefully we can get into one that we both would love to be in 😉 It would be absolutely beautiful.

And I’m on, I think two or three other senior films next quarter so I will be very busy and strained. Well I think that is all that I have to say. I am off for a week from school so its been relaxing and then not so relaxing but hey! At least I get to sleep in!

Well I hope to talk you all soon & keep you all updated about my film!

❤ Alyssa



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