I am very sorry I have not been been able to publish anything in the past 2 months. I had decided I was going to take a little mini vacation from the Internet and some of my social sites because I really needed it. You know what I did in my time…SLEEP!

Yep I slept, a LOT! It felt so great. But then I had to go back to school and work, so then my life got busy x10 and I have had not the best time. 

How’s my Senior Thesis going? Well I’m glad you asked!……It’s getting there. I had thought my lovely script was done in my last quarter but NOPE! It seems that I need to put more into  the visual aspect of showing a controlling mother. How many times can you visual show a controlling mother? Well I guess apparently a lot. So now as I just tweak some few things I am in for some work with pre-production such as locations, actors, and cupcakes. If you had forgotten, my senior thesis film is about a young girl fighting for her dreams as a dancer against her mother’s control. I know, SOOOO EXCITING!

So Yeah! I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still alice and that it is my mission to try MY VERY HARDEST to blog about every 2 weeks or at least once a month. I’M GOING TO TRY! So yeah that is all and I hope you guys  stick around for some new and exciting news on 18 CUPCAKES


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