Is This the End?

Hi everyone! How are you doing?

Well if you didn’t know I started this lovely blog for one of my classes that deals with Social Media and having an online presence. Now I have been using different online sources before I took the class, but I think I have grown more into the online experience and I do plan on keeping up this blog.

I have noticed that when I share things that are not focused on what I am doing, then I don’t usually get people to read my blogs. I will also try to post every week but I know that won’t ย really happen so I am just shooting for once a month.

My blog will still be about my film life and experience in school and what I plan on doing afterwards but I think this time I will try to focus more on what I am actually doing in the process of my filmmaking and what I am facing and need to do.

So is this the end? NEVER!!!!!! I just won’t be writing a whole lot unless I really make a conscious effort. Well I just wanted to let you all know and to keep reading for future post on my SENIOR THESIS!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€


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