18 Cupcakes Just for You

   Hey everyone! Hows it going?

I hope everything is well. I on the other hand am going crazy with finals and deadlines and just craziness that comes with being in film school. I really don’t know how I am still alive with all this stuff that I have to do.  Ugh. But I have good news.

MY SENIOR SCRIPT WILL BE LOCKED IN ABOUT A WEEK. YES! This to me is a big accomplishment because I have gone through about 6 revisions of this script and it has gone through one idea to the next and I have to say it has come down into what I can finally say is my script. 😀  Took 11 weeks but hey, I get to the end!

So what is my is senior script? Well its pretty much about a young girl finally standing up against her controlling mother and follow her dreams. I know, Corny but hey, I like it! Now what does this have to do with cupcakes? Well lets just say cupcakes are a big theme inside my film and I will have tons of cupcakes for it. But here is a question for you? What kind of cupcakes should I have? What are your favorites? And which one should I try?  Let me know everyone and have a great day!

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