Paper Edit…… not cool

Hey everyone!

So I know I forgot to post a blog post this past Wednesday. I’m sorry about that, but unfortunately that day was crammed with things I  had to get done and the sad part is, it still didn’t get done.  But what I can tell you is that I do not like paper edits! Whats a paper edit?  It’s pretty much what you are going to edit in film with footage, but its written down on paper with detail. Why do I not like it? Because I have great difficulty saying what I want much less write it and it doesn’t help that I still have to go through several transcripts to figure out the BIGGER PICTURE of things.

Ugh I really should like a paper edit because it can help me with my thought process, but some how I am very dysfunctional to even do one correctly. Does that make me a bad person? Anyways I will have to post an actual blog hopefully by tomorrow night.

Have any of you ever done a paper edit? What advice can you give to someone who isn’t that great with doing one.


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